Oh hey, I really like the latest Firefox redesign! 🤗

@fribbledom I'm not sure about it. And I have the strange feeling they keep moving things in the right-click-menu

@fribbledom I kinda do except the lack of borders on the tabs. I might get used to it but right now I feel like they kind of all blur together and it's harder to find a starting point to read. (Might have to see if favicons can be enlarged, that might help.)

@fribbledom It's good other than the vertically chunky tabs, which I'm not a fan of.

@fribbledom me too, except the active / inactive tab section, thats horrible with more than 3 tabs open

@fribbledom go into and start trolling the haters 😂

@fribbledom It has its ups and downs for me. I really need borders between tabs and some other contrast improvements but some of it is nice.

Kinda alright I guess. Makes it easier to see which tab is active but tabs use more vertical space.
Also had to deactivate the bookmarks row manually again.

At least they didn't dump me in a new "clean" profile and hid the previous one ...

I really can't muster much enthisiasm about Firefox anymore :(

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