Twitter announces "Blue", a subscription service for a monthly fee, that unlocks a bunch of extra features.

Editing tweets is among them apparently.

Why that is a horrible idea:

@fribbledom i can't believe "this website is free" memes are over

Twitter announces "Blue" -- But they don't know why fediverse uber alles. You can't buy it in a store.
@fribbledom Twitter's blog post says it's not an edit but a 30 second delay before the tweet is actually posted during which it appears posted to you but you can redraft it.

There's a pretty massive difference there. Don't get me wrong, this featureset is crap and it's real bad that Twitter's offering a subscription service for a LOT of reasons, but this ain't one.

@fribbledom It's really funny that I haven't seen a single thing on the twitter blue pages about removing ads. Imagine paying for something and still seeing ads lmao.

@nytpu @fribbledom *Everybody who has paid for TV channels coughs uncomfortably.*

@Asimech @fribbledom But at least when cable first came out they didn't have ads, even if they later put them in, with Twitter they're not even bothering with the "no ads" phase

@fribbledom WTF!?!?! Birb site is progressively getting more fucked... That's good though, the more fucked up it gets, the more humans the Fediverse will bring up.

@fribbledom it's not actually editing tweets, it's just delete-and-redraft style "undo" by delaying sending 30 seconds

@fribbledom This would be nice if 'twitter blue' was a totally separate closed network, to keep the riff raff out

@fribbledom Goodbye Twitter officially, it'll be more of a paid subscription to have enhanced profiles, and with that will come restrictive and locked down usages on free accounts.

@fribbledom already with not much on my network Twitter is loading so slow it's almost in dial up. That's going to sink it, going to be ad based, and that's going to run much, more, videos, and even music ads before you can even access content. With limited posts per day it's a perfect way for Twitter to effectively give Mastodon a leg up.

@fribbledom Twitter is purely laughable these days. A complete joke. I might edit this or put a warn on it later. Oh wait I could always do that on mastodon. Also use peepth or if you want make money from tweets.

@fribbledom aside from the absolutely hideous design decision to have people pay for QoL features, the “edit” feature seems to be a 30 second “undo” window, similar to the way Outlook does it’s E-Mail “unsend”.

@fribbledom Things aren't the same since Onion replaced reality.

@fribbledom The only good feature that I could find in their blog post is the reading mode. However I won't be using twitter if I wanted to read long threads.

Also with no ad removal, we're just paying to see ads with some extra features

@fribbledom I thought it was “undo” not edit? Akin to “Undo send” in mail clients, they’re just queuing it up but not actually sending it.


Undo Tweet gives you the option to retract a Tweet after you have sent it, but before it is visible to others on Twitter. Tapping the undo option sends you back to the Tweet composer where you can make changes before posting the Tweet, or deciding not to post at all.

When you activate this feature, a countdown appears so you know the time left until your 30-second Tweet Undo period expires, and your Tweet appears on Twitter. Shorten the expiration window to 5,10, or 20 seconds under the Twitter Blue feature settings menu, or easily skip it altogether when you select Send now.

This is actually a really good feature that should be basic, rather than a premium feature. Every social network and app should have this feature for those moments when you accidentally click “Post” before proofreading your post.

Gmail has had this feature for a few years now.

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