@fribbledom There's also been work done on a malaria vaccine(!!!) but I can't remember which company.

Of course all the production capacity is going to be occupied with covid vaccine for awhile. But still. Malaria?!

@gamehawk @fribbledom I read somewhere that 20-25% of all humans that have ever lived died due to malaria, so if they come up with a reliable vaccine for it, that's HUGE.

@lnxw37a2 @fribbledom Right?!

Of course it also is mostly very poor countries, so I cynically will wait and see if it makes a real difference or if it's just something tourists get before going abroad.

@gamehawk there's absolutely no way that this won't be widely distributed in poor countries, unless the manufacturing process is for some reason extremely expensive or difficult. every country in the world should want to eradicate malaria the same way they did for smallpox

@bigend All the fuss about why nationalizing the covid vaccine patents won't make a difference has been about how difficult the process is to ramp up, and how you can't just put it on wikihow and expect factories around the world to pick it up. Now some of that may be chaff from companies who don't *want* their patents taken away, and some of it may be just a matter of "the right facilities aren't common... YET." So like I said, I'll wait and see. Huge if true though.

@gamehawk @lnxw37a2 @fribbledom The latter. There is hope, though. As the climate catastrophe progresses, more of the (formerly) colonizing countries will become hosts for the malaria mosquito. Therefore, more white ppl will be affected, and you would not believe how quickly an efficient malaria vaccine will be developed!

@fribbledom Finally, that other pandemic that's been going on literally longer than I've been alive is finally being addressed

With the way mRNA vaccines work, not a lot, actually. But don.t take my word for it, there can of course be unexpected problems.

@fribbledom I haven't read a lot about mRNA, but the Covid vaccine is just the start of it. It's going to be a medical game changer.

@fribbledom Inb4 it's insanely expensive and therefore does little to help groups most at rick of HIV. Like how the current HIV treatments are.

I think in principle a dose of the hiv vaccine should not be more expensive to produce than for covid. But that does not have to mean anything. 🙄


I feel like this woman probably deserves the Nobel in either medicine or biology.

Whatever the secret sauce is that makes mRNA vaccine works is enables borderline magic.

@fribbledom An effective HIV vaccine may be trickier than a covid one. The HIVirus is especially "cunning" around the immune system.

@carl @fribbledom My understanding is the causality is reversed: mRNA vaccines have been in development for decades as the most likely HIV vaccine with highest likelihood of success, recently made huge progress, was about to start trials, then COVID hit and was such a fast mRNA vaccine *because* of all the work on HIV.

I think HIV was always the plan, COVID was the (life saving) detour.

First time I heard of the style of vaccine was 10 years ago and it was all theory at that point. Their target was an HIV vaccine. Good for them!

@fribbledom @Asimech This is amazing and gives me hope for the future...

...and I also wouldn't begrudge anyone affected by the virus (the LGBTIA+ community in particular) to be absolutely furious at this delayed response by roughly four decades.

@fribbledom @Asimech @glennseto This was probably delayed by just a decade. Even if they had taken HIV seriously in the 80's the tech would have probably taken this long. Mind you, if we were still funding medical science in general like we did for NASA during the 60's it would be more around 2 decades delayed. But science is for losers amirite?

@anubis2814 @fribbledom @Asimech Oh yeah, they wouldn't have had an mRNA-based vaccine ready by the early 90s, but even the life-extending medication that arrived in the intervening years might have come much sooner.

@fribbledom That's great!

To my understanding a vaccine is for prevention, but it is not necessarily a cure. What about presently HIV positive people? Would a HIV vaccine be helpful to them too?

@fribbledom @floppy No. But it would protect the next generation from catching it. Also in some of the worst areas rape is used as a weapon of war and would protect them there.

@fribbledom wow um i just felt a sense of existential relief at this vaccine that i definitely didn’t for the covid vaccine???
was this what people felt??? damn.

Al final tuve falta de imaginación. parece que es posible una vacuna contra el HIV con ARN mensajero. 👀👍😍


@fribbledom This is exactly the direction I was hoping mRNA vaccines would go.

@fribbledom Hoping the jnj vaccine in phase 3 trials shows positive results in 2022
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