The Freenode saga keeps getting weirder.

Today: Freenode has blocked IRCCloud users from accessing their network.

From IRCCloud's Twitter feed: "We reiterate our recommendation to switch to a network that is secure, reliable, and has respect for the free choices made by the communities it hosts."

This is so utterly boneheaded, it boggles the mind.

You'd think it's impossible to destroy a network that's been around for more than two decades in less than four weeks.


I guess they had the audacity to recommend their users check out other IRC networks as well.

@jeder @fribbledom
Freenode wants to launch and they want to force IRCCloud users to use this BNC instead of IRCCloud.

This is dumb as fuck, IRCCloud users use IRCCloud to maintain connections to many networks at once, if you suddenly need another bouncer to connect to freenode I bet many users will simply dump freenode.

@fribbledom @wire @jeder what? they force using their bouncer, I got it right? wtf? this always was a user side decision to use any bouncer or not and it barely can be blocked on protocol level.

@fribbledom Anything is possible if your only goal is money and you don't understand the thing you acquired 😂

@gaige @fribbledom No no no no no, this is not any%, this is definitely a 100% run.

@gaige @fribbledom It always was a run for 100%, but now it’s completed in just under 4 weeks. That might be a new record.

@fribbledom what the heck does the new owner of the freenode want..?
I'm still confused

@HackerBean @fribbledom My conclusion is that he's just an incompetent idiot. We should never underestimate the amount of incompetent idiots around us.


@HackerBean To assuage his egotistical need to control everything he has his hands on.

@fribbledom Okay that one's even beyond my wildest guesses as far as the plan.

@fribbledom if the goal with the purchase was to bury it and kill irc.. definitely pulled it off.

There is always two sides to a story. Every new post coming out I try to remember that. Also it’s fair that mistakes were made. But the mistakes keep being made. If they really can’t learn from mistakes… becoming irrelevant from incompetence or malice… at this point doesn’t matter any more.

I mean even basecamp managed to shut up and ride out without killing their company

@fribbledom Thought experiment: if you were trying to ruin the network in a covert way, how would it look different from what is actually happening?

@Anthony Sorace Server crashes, ads, spammers, add incompatiblities with clients, randomly ban users and especially admins and mods

@fribbledom Gotta hand it to them, honestly. They're working really hard to blow it to pieces 😛

@fribbledom oh my this is is the first time ive heard of this whaat is happening 👀 . freenode actually blocked an entire network from their servers???

why is freenode angry at irccloud?? omg i want the drama

@fribbledom beauty of opensource and federation is that moving is trivial.

@fribbledom None of this is surprising. One of the coinbros from Mt. Gox executed a hostile takeover and drove away the adult supervision, who -- collectively -- had decades of experience running chat networks. All in the name of owning the SJW (dude sure is afraid of the Stanford Jazz Workshop, no clue why).

@fribbledom you know about the new freenode bouncer service, yes?

@fribbledom It's like a reverse Ship of Theseus thing - it has the same name but Freenode is not Freenode

@fribbledom I dont éven understand why its going on. I don't even think it's about money

Destroy a particular server? yeah, that's actually quite easy.

Destroy a network itself? Not so sure. In this case, what we knew as the freenode network was operated by the channel admins, all with a common mindset and alternative channels of communication. Unlike Facebook groups, they're more coordinated and resilient against censorship. I say it's only a matter of time before all users migrate to Libera chat.

"The Net interprets censorship as damage and routes around it."
- John Gilmore

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