Sometimes the best debugging technique is taking a nap.

@fribbledom Unfortunately most employers don't like to see their employees doing nothing or even sleeping.

@fribbledom (By the way, this is a real problem. Humans need time to think, and productivity in creative or problem solving jobs usually increases if employees have time to do nothing instead of trying to brute-force some solution. However, sitting around doing nothing while letting your brain figure out some solution is frowned upon even if it helps doing the job).

@fribbledom I had to disable c3 and c4 sleep states due to poor driver support :{

@fribbledom it's not just a debugging technique, it's a life hack!

@fribbledom it's also hard to make bugs when napping.

win - win situation\o/

@fribbledom With as mentally draining as coding is, you are 110% right.


This also works when you do not have to debug something. I think it's called resting then :doge:

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