Lag when playing games online can be pretty infuriating, but you should see me using ssh over a 2G connection 😤

@mc I also like mosh on my laptop even though it is pretty stationary; just being able to immediately resume my connection after it wakes up from sleep without having to force terminate it with a sequence I always forget (~. apparently) and manually reconnect, is such an improvement. @hierarchon @fribbledom

@hierarchon @fribbledom we do, and it was a lifesaver when we were stuck on 2g or shitty cafe WiFi for a while

@hierarchon @fribbledom Yes. Not sure if there's another alternative, but mosh is pretty neat.

@hierarchon @fribbledom mosh is awesome! I always forget to use it. It with tmux pretty good combo


True, but lag and bandwidth don't necessarily correlate with each other.

@Bradley_JF @fribbledom I always felt bad for the people playing WoW over satellite internet.

@alienghic @fribbledom same. I almost couldn't see the point, but WoW was pretty addictive.

@fribbledom some of the bad network connection wrappers of SSH can make that much less painful. Try mosh.

@jonn @fribbledom why we should not use mosh?

It is fantastic, i really like it to roam with it (and standby)

@genofire @fribbledom it was intentional double negation used as emphasis of importance of defaulting to mosh.

Sorry for being confusing.

@jonn @fribbledom that the Problem in social networks with stranger ... to be confusing 😅

It is all right 👍

@fribbledom My crummy rural DSL sometimes decides reasonable ping times are 1-4 *seconds*. Typing on ssh is like going back in time.

*Bandwidth* remains okayish during those times, so I can have the surreal experience of typing like it’s 1997 while also streaming Netflix.

@fribbledom where there is a will there is a way
Where there is 2g there is a wait

@fribbledom Fun when you have to edit files via a laggy connection... 'Did that cursor already move in the right position? Can I start typing now???'

You'd better get vaccinated for better connection 😎

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