Me: *going to bed*
Brain: hey, here's an idea...

Me: shut up, I'm trying to sleep
Brain: but...

Me: I'm super tired, can we think about this tomorrow?
Brain: anyway, as I was saying...

Me: wait. fuck, that's actually a brilliant idea!

Brain *chuckles*
Body: *sighs*

@fribbledom And you don't sleep but thinking about that idea

@fribbledom haha... that is just about how I work ... but I actually drift off in dreams, solving the problems, wake up and sometimes have a solution ready, no problem falling asleep through

@fribbledom nowadays I'm reading books in bed till I can't no more, make sure that brain has no chance to speak.

@yarmo @fribbledom I do the same... started doing it after diving accident that gave me a tinnitus and it's indeed a great way to "shutdown" your brain.

ME too, just finished 1984. But I much prefer to read books about lisp so that I dream about parentheses.

Any particularly good books on Lisp you'd recommend? :)

The re-frame documentation is good. Emacs lisp is good, practical common lisp also.

@fribbledom narrator: it wasn’t, in fact, a brilliant idea.

The worst for me is
Brain : I think I found a way to fix that bug on line 684

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