Companies be like: we're looking for a junior developer with the experience of a senior engineer and the salary expectations of an intern.

@fribbledom Don't forget the 10+ year of experience on a tech that has like 5 years of existence :^)

@fribbledom Probably true,
but nothing new.
Just out there looking
for someone to screw

@fribbledom Salary? You should pay us to learn in this exciting environment. Working overtime is not a problem, it's a bliss. And no worries, when you are sick or need a few days off, we'll just bring the work to your home, so you don't need to waste any of your very appreciated but never paid work labour.

Nothing new, but each day more so! It's the beautiful new world!

@fribbledom Are our expectations unreasonable? No, it's clearly a case of welfare benefits being too generous.


On a related note: I was a paid software developer intern when I was 16 in 1994. I was paid $15/hr.

Why the fuck does $15/hr still seem like a lot of money to people?

That wasn't even an exceptional case. My third job was also as a software intern, also making $15/hr.

(I got both of the jobs because my father worked at the same places. My father was also the reason I had the opportunity to know software dev stuff. But I was not working for my father. He didn't set my wages.)

@fribbledom my favorite was the person who wanted one person with an MCSE (server) and a full CCIE (R&S), with at least 5 years of experience, for USD 35K/year, in San Francisco, CA. benefits were not mentioned.

@fribbledom fortunately, they're occasionally willing to settle for the experience of a junior developer

not often enough, but

Yep ... Exactly like that but with a vengeance in our company.

@fribbledom I asked in my company "how do you define a junior developer?" the answer was "at least three years of experience".
Then I understood why we are having problems filling positions

@fribbledom Of course. You need to have a point where to start negotiating.

@letterus @fribbledom For some reason companies generally don't appreciate my offer of 1 hour per year for a million bucks.

@patrick @fribbledom Well, they would not do it if they could not find anybody. Or they want you to make you think they are going to find somebody at that price. In both cases you will need to convince them why you are worth the money you request.

@letterus @fribbledom People simply take job ads as what they are, bullshit, and apply knowing that the only value they provide is "company X is looking for somebody doing work in the area of Y".
Doesn't make them a model to follow, promote or even just excuse.

@fribbledom Meanwhile the senior devs 55+ are saying, "Welcome to WalMart!"

@fribbledom und dann "Fachkräfte Mangel!!111" wenn sie solche Leute nicht finden.

@fribbledom I’m looking to hire three such people as soon as possible! I’m trying to explain to my superiors how we are less likely to find good devs with bad money…

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