At every family gathering, I pray that nobody asks me what I'm currently working on.

If I ignore the question everyone will think I'm weird, if I answer it everyone will know I'm weird.

...or as my grandma used to say to me: "When friends ask me what you're doing, I never know what I'm supposed to say".

You and me both, grandma, you and me both.

@fribbledom They will either think you're weird, or you could try to explain it, and your answer goes completely over their heads.

@fribbledom I just tell them I'm an umbralogical parallax tracer, and they go away. 😀
*(extra points if you know where that comes from!)

If I answer what I'm working on,
They'll think I'm weird.
And Mom will think, he turned out
Just as I feared.

@fribbledom Or you can embrace the fact that you're different. It's one of the things that makes you special. 😁

@fribbledom Lean into it and be weird. Once I realized my weirdness was intimidating to them and thats why they acted that way... well it was freeing.

@fribbledom I don't know why this hits really close to home for me

@fribbledom when I was still going to university, people tended to believe I was learning to fix computers. When someone assumed I could remove their viruses from their computers, I told them I don't learn how to remive them, I learn how to write them.

Reword it to sound like something they know- like you would in a job interview.


Better to remain silent and be thought a fool, than to speak and remove all doubt.

Abraham Lincoln

@fribbledom aren't you in the *enchanting magic sand*-business?

@fribbledom "Computering, connecting computers and systems to eachother .. " when explaining what I do to relatives, the questioning usually stops there .. like "oh, so technical".

@fribbledom I sometimes say I solve problems (which is true). If pressed for details, I let them know its the kind you can't go to the police with (also true).

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