My Palm Pre is now 12 years old, and it's still the one mobile and platform I wish I could resurrect.

Such a promising and lovely device.

@fribbledom Same here. I still would like to see this device with a bit more powerful hardware.

@fribbledom I still have my Psion 3MX from about 2000. Love that device, it was way ahead of its time.

I have the se thing with the Cowon D2 mp3 player. Super long battery life, nice UI... But it broke a while ago and the market for mp3 players is not the greatest...

@fribbledom somewhere floating around my house is a Palm Pre and Palm Pre+. Actually, wrote a letter to the Linux journal not to long ago about it.
It's there just slog through it Joseph Ziehm lol.

@fribbledom I just KNEW it was going to crush Android. Never been wronger in tech but such a good os

@fribbledom Same. Make a video to show it off! I feel like I've forgotten it.

@fribbledom I had a Tungsten T5 but yeah. Palm should have won the mobile space before Android and Apple even got off the ground. They just got kinda stuck, I guess.

@fribbledom the same here. I still have a HP Pre 3 in the drawyer and we still use HP Touchpad for kids to watch movies.
Fortunately most of its great ideas were stolen by the winning mobile platforms years later.

@fribbledom I used to love Palms. I had a few of them... M100, M505, Zire 71, TT3... They were amazing! And, of course, phones that would match them nicely, as the Sony Ericsson T68i. Good times! :)

@fribbledom Aw yeah. I used a Handspring Palm Pilot until it was so old that cellphone networks were failing to recognize it and causing errors because of that, but it was brilliantly sturdy and easy to read the last day as the first. And the battery life! And Graffiti input! I was fast with Graffiti!

I soooooo wanted a Palm Pre back then. I was very much looking forward to WebOS thriving. I wasn't ready for it's death.
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