I feel like someone at Microsoft is watching KDE Plasma a little bit too closely...

Plasma's slogan since 2017: "Simple by default, powerful when needed"

Microsoft advertising Windows 11: "Simple by default, powerful by choice"

Really? 🤔

@fribbledom introducing microsoft's latest operating system, kde plasma But Bad

Once upon a time Windows was extremely easy and Linux extremely difficult. Then, for some reason, the Gods decided to turn the world the other way round.

@fribbledom I mean KDE is just looks it adds to a lot of bg usage...

@GNUxeava @fribbledom it does... ever tried using it on a low end laptop.. KDE will make your laptop go BRR..
I really do not see how people at all say kde5 is lighter than xfce4.

@HackerBean @fribbledom i have not seen a single soul claim Plasma 5 is lighter than XFCE4

xfce4 maybe is not Plasma ...

I've installed Kubuntu 18.4 on a mid-range laptop from 2006 which can't even run Windows 7 -- works just fine. Rarely uses a large percentage of CPU cycles, even with desktop effects turned on.

It's a little more than xfce4 (well duh) but runs just as smoothly, looks nicer, is way more intuitive to people coming from Windows ...

xfce4 is probably better on pre-2000 machines, but I'd consider that a niche application.

@GNUxeava @fribbledom

@HackerBean @GNUxeava @fribbledom maybe because some recent testing said that it's true:
But even if it wasn't "lighter" than xfce4, it is able to do more and if you're a power user like me you'll miss a lot of features that KDE provides (and xfce does not)

@lanodan @fribbledom would explain why they've been contributing to Linux

Also that's almost exactly what chrome os is lmao

Windows 11 do looks like they have ripped of OSX and all the Linux distros

@mur2501 @fribbledom with a side of "let's make using our online account thingy mandatory!" that Facebook is increasingly fond of.

@fribbledom It's less obvious since windows 8, but i remember that when windows 7 was released, i was surprised by how close it's look and feel was to KDE 5 (released just some months before).

@fribbledom I like that slogan. Kinda like Emacs, well I mean you *can* do simple text editing in the beginning, and use the mouse and such, and few keyboard commands if a keyboard user, but then you get into all it can do and yeah.

@fribbledom i'm pretty much sure by now that devs at Apple and MS are slowly porting features they like from Linux desktops they secretly enjoy at home to their dayjobs. Merge that stuff with stuff you steal from the rival company, behold next release of Mac OS X or Windows.

@fribbledom @cadadr it’s technically not stealing since Linux is open source and can be freely adapted by anyone, even people you don’t like

@blindscribe @fribbledom "Open source" applies to the code itself, specifically the coding solutions on how to be able to do something, not UX or other non-coding design decisions. "Open source" does not mean the people behind the project waive all kinds of copyright claims to the project.

Although I think @cadadr was using "stealing" in the more colloquial sense of "blatant copying" rather than "breaking copyright".

@blindscribe @Asimech @fribbledom yeah.

what i mean is, the taking itself is not the problem. i tooted about this before, it's great that users of MS and Apple OSes are getting stuff we had access to as techies, and they're polishing and improving, even.

the problem is they're acting as if they invented things they grab from FOSS desktops (and each other, also), giving no credit at all. their way of doing workspaces is indeed very KDE-esque. the way compounded tiling works is both like tiling window managers with tag based workspaces, and also pretty similar to window grouping in BeOS / Haiku.

all i say is, just say out loud that "we took this idea from these sources, thanks to all of them", at least.

@cadadr @fribbledom Wish they'd port stuff from Emacs. Whole OS is a text editor type thing, or config and eval in place... Well okay the GUI does that last part but yeah, or Org-mode, system-wide.

@fribbledom I consider MS copying KDE a win compared to the other way around.

I'll reserve judgement until I've seen it in action.

Also: Right now I can tell people that KDE is way better for productivity and MS doesn't give a toss about that.

Just like SUA and now ssh integration took away the argument that I needed Linux on my workstation because connecting to Linux clusters from Windows was a pain.

Now they're trying to take away that argument, but ramping up the spying, which is much harder to argue against with some people ...

@fribbledom it's just another riff on "easy to learn hard to master" or any of those things you'd print on a motivational poster.

@fribbledom people often says KDE provides a Windows-like experience.

Turns out it's Windows that provides KDE-like experience.

*chanting* lawsuit! lawsuit! Lawsuit! Lawsuiiiiit!!

@fribbledom 😂


5. Your data can be shared.

When downloading Windows 10, you are authorizing Microsoft to share any of above-mentioned data with any third-party, with or without your consent.

@mansr I feel like KDE is closer to being a natural evolution of NeXT's CDE than anything.


I've always thought that KDE Plasma looks like the MS Windows user interface would if MS actually respected users.

@fribbledom if Microsoft takes the good from Linux, and improves on accessibility, then, it isn’t that the point of open source? To freely take and adapt, even if it means to make a profit? Open source software is not limited to how people take and use what is already there? It should not be for profit, but this is the nature of open source. Anybody can take anything, at any time, and use it for any purpose even people you may not like

@blindscribe @fribbledom inspiration (or copying) is not open source.
If they took actual source code, they would have to open source windows (or the desktop environment parts of it).

@fribbledom The fuck does that even mean.

Did what they start simple they added power till it was bloated?

@ripp_ @fribbledom Imagine the Win11 slogan as text on a bootleg shirt and it should start making sense.

But less flippantly: I think they meant it be read as "powerful by (your) choice".
You know, invoke the same meaning as the Plasma slogan, except different enough to pretend no connection and made by people who are bad at slogans.

@fribbledom they didn't change the default.
They used ms office thesaurus for sure


Once I looked at the Windows 11 specs, a lot more made sense.

It's not a release targeting humans at all.

It's a flex move on the OEMs that have been sitting on hardware updates.

DirectX 12 as a baseline system requirement, etc.

Most people won't see the OS until they buy new hardware, which will be faster and with better graphics thanks to the new system requirements.

The advertising language is meaningless. It just needs to be easily visually distinguishable as Not 10.

@fribbledom also when they announced it with the new tiling window features: "nobody else has this". HAhaha. Except for the 50 different tiling window managers on linux since forever?

@fribbledom To add on, beta KDE Vonnect is in msstore. Too ironic :0510:

@fribbledom Seems to be par for the course given the Metro UI is a full ripoff of the @gnome version 3 UI.

@BalooUriza @fribbledom @gnome "new" microsoft is still early 2000s Embrace, Extend, Extinguish Microsoft

@fribbledom "Embrace and extend" applies to marketing too, apparently.

@fribbledom That Win11 version has some strong "we want this but with plausible deniability" energy.

In that it says the same thing, but in a clunky harder to read way.

@fribbledom - MS got free/open source software concept mixed up with speech plagiarism. I'm not surprised 😂

@fribbledom - Also isn't it funny that KDE initially started to cater for Win users (look and feel wise) and now MS is copying from KDE.

@fribbledom Maybe they should both work on slogans that aren't trite nonsense a 6 year old could come up with?

@fribbledom what’s that line, “imitation is the sincerest form of flattery”?

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