Share a project idea you've worked on in private, made some progress, but eventually gave up on and never published.

Would you still love to finish it some day? Did you find an alternative solution? Realized the idea wasn't that great after all?

Looking forward to seeing all your replies! ❤️

@fribbledom nice try you won't steal my plans for a toilet that takes the shit for you

yun-wuxin:[wisknort]:/run/media/wisknort/GENERALISED/Creations$ ls

@fribbledom For now I'll highlight two things:
1) Wargamer: A simple bo'ardgame that I keep piling constraints on. It'll see new life soon as I'm currently working on a generic boardgame system for plugging into bots. I haven't decided if I want to make a fedi bot, matrix bot or XMPP bot to plug it into though.

@fribbledom 2) Struggle for Survival: A co-op FPS. A lot of the ideas for it are very similar to Left 4 Dead, but different theme (and thus more guns on the other side). As best as I can remember, the majority of it was penned before L4D released.

@fribbledom I have a collection of tools for server administration that I use but don't publish; they're relatively specific to how I like to manage stuff. I am regularly revisiting that decision, though.

I also have a collection of tools for role-playing game simulation, so I can prototype mechanics - or rather test them. That's not very useful yet, but I am progressing.

I'm not sure those fit your description. I don't think I've really given up on anything in a while.

@fribbledom I started a research project on temporal databases several years ago, but set it aside. I have an idea that I'd still really like to develop and possibly publish.

@fribbledom I tried playing with tokenized web search: you enter a query, the search provides a dropdown of which predicates could pair with it to make a rounded-box token, & you could enter additional tokens that way to make powerful websearch look intuitive.

Ultimately I learnt from that experience & it informs my advocacy for decentralized websearch: We need domain-specific search. We won't beat Google playing by their One Searchbox to Rule Them All rules.

@fribbledom i started a jrpg where combat is done through music theory ear training. i got the combat to a basic functional state but ultimately a jrpg was way too much more than that for that one interesting idea to carry me through to any kind of finished product

@fribbledom not a project, but related:

"The point of SOFA club is to start as many things as possible as you have the ability, interest, and capacity to, with no regard or goal whatsoever for finishing those projects."

@magical @fribbledom I shall adapt SOFA to go alongside my own practice of LIMO, which means aiming for Less Input, More Output.

@vidak @fribbledom @magical it's like I can see the astronaut behind me saying "you've been SOFA this whole time"


I once tried to write a small CLI tool to fetch the unread GitHub notifications. That was so long ago and I didn't really have half the knowledge I have now.

@fribbledom I had a set of real-world turn-based games that I loved, and wanted to write code to turn them into computer-mediated turn-based game 🙂

I went as far as talking to the publishers, and they wanted it to be play-by-email, which was cool. I had initial implementations in either python or ruby, not sure which lol ...

It would still be a totally excellent game I think. I could even probably run it over ActivityPub, TBH.

Unfortunately the publishers sold the rights to someone else, and I'm not quite so motivated to have that conversation again. Plus to do it well would really require a proper development studio because it would probably end up being mobile phone based, and I don't have all those skills under my belt.

@fribbledom I wrote an application to automate transcoding video, that calculated the best output bitrate and resolution to give the best possible quality with the smallest file size. I got it to about 50% done, and I was really proud of it, as it was my first attempt at something so broad. It even got picked up by unRAID as an app. I then found #Tdarr, which did a better job, with a decent GUI, and felt quite deflated, so gave up.

I also had a game I was writing, and had made significant progress with a desktop and Android app, people were even making YouTube demos of it. But I had to quit to look after my kids, and now when I look at it again, I feel like it was a different time, and that I don't have the skills anymore. It makes me sad that I only completed the first 3 levels.

@fribbledom like five different ncurses and sdl games, alas. I keep things less ambitious these days

@fribbledom I wanted a small temperature / humidity / air quality sensor in every room of my house. And somewhere along the way I also wanted the device to include an IR blaster to centralise control of devices with infrared remotes (TVs, fans, etc). The plan was to build a little system based on the esp8266 wifi module, and have it feed data to my home automation system.

Got as far as designing a cute little board for it, that could be mounted just behind some clear plexi on walls. But got sidetracked with something else and never got as far as having the boards made. And I don't even live in that house any more so I'm not sure if I'll ever develop this further.

@fribbledom During the last drought I started to make a water tank level monitor using an analogue pressure sensor and an Arduino. Once I built it I found the sensor to be pretty inaccurate and I never figured out how to get power to the Arduino at the tank, and anyway, once the drought broke, there was less need for the water tank anyway.

@fribbledom since Spangler revived the NECCO Wafer candy brand, I started a scraper to grab the current price and in-stock status of the retailers near me so I could always grab them at the lowest price when they’re on sale. I currently just have bookmarks to the product page that I check periodically.

Would be cool to finish it and have push notifications sent to my phone when they go on sale.

I might have a bit of an addiction.

@fribbledom wrote a #POSSE and backfeed connector for #okuna but never finished it (hardcoded credentials) and since it looks like the project itself will eventually be scraped and revived in another constellation I'm uncertain if anything of this can be recycled or is even worth the trouble. There isn't much known on the details where this is going.

@fribbledom fallout paper&pen caracthersheets that did all the calculations for you. Never found anyone to play/test with.

Where do we even start, i have had quite a lot over the years, but of recent probobly my blender projects

@fribbledom worked on a case converter like camel case to snake case and similar. But found out, there is an awesome cargo package for same. So all interest down.

@fribbledom I've put a fair amount of work into a suite of Haskell packages for using arrowized functional reactive programming (specifically: monadic stream functions) for First Robotics Competition. Like all Haskell libraries, there's actually a pretty small amount of core code; most of the work has just been figuring out what the right abstractions are. I'm pretty happy with how elegant the result is. I even got cross-compilation working and wrote bindings to talk to the hardware, but I haven't used it for anything real. I know it will be a hard sell, so I'm waiting until I have a nice way of presenting it to non-haskellers before I show it to anyone.

@fribbledom A Microsub reader. It's live, still, but I haven't exactly promoted, or worked on, it in like a hundred years. Have since started working on an "RSS" reader, privately as well, which I now use instead and hope to publish one day. Also, all of my drawings and music.

@fribbledom "Please Convince Me" was an attempt to organize in-person meetings of good faith people from opposite sides of political divides to try to foster mutual understanding.
"Vote Social" was Google Civic Information API + social media integrations to help voters network down-ballot initiatives, aiming to increase voter engagement and knowledge.
Both abandoned due to lack of time and people are exhausting.

@fribbledom A while back, I started writing an experimental database. I wanted to see, if by focusing exclusively on the Event Sourcing pattern, there were performance benefits to be made.
I never found the time to push it through, and then other projects and obligations came around, so it is on hold for now.
Sourcecode of what little is done so far is available online though:

@fribbledom a site where locals can upload their favorite things about their town and lets visitors to the area assemble a travel guide from the bits. Maybe Yelp without all the hostility?

@fribbledom My second PEG parsing algorithm was beautifully elegant (I handled ordered choice and lookahead operators in the same data structure), but, mostly due to a slow path-invalidation check, ran 100x slower than the naive approach...

@fribbledom I have a twitter client that uses no javascript that I keep meaning to clean up and publish. It actually works but is definitely not ready for prime time. Ditto with the text editor I use. The sticking point there is that it needs lots of code cleanup and it needs documentation. I actually hope to finish these before they become irrelevant!

@fribbledom an attempt at recapturing the functionality of a graphical modelling tool I worked on for many years (on and off between 1995 and 2006).
I learned about Neo4J at JavaZone 2013, and it seemed a good fit for storage of the kind of graphical models er made with that tool.

@fribbledom this is another attempt at implementing functionality from the same modelling tool.
The idea here was to create a model storage with a REST API and also a client library to hold a model in memory, intended to be used as an eclipse plugin.

@fribbledom not sure why these weren't taken further...?
I lost interest in the concept...?
The era of thick eclipse based desktop applications is over...?
I had implemented enough of the ideas to make them stop tickling my mind...?

@fribbledom This isn't exactly what you asked for, but what comes to mind is I added functionality to #kubespray to join Windows servers to Kubernetes clusters, but I haven't worked on pushing it upstream. Reason is it would be a lot more work to support various environments, whereas what I made works fine for my ecosystem.

@fribbledom I got several drafts into a children’s adaptation of Gogol’s short story the Nose. Was hoping to do a series of my favorite despondent Russian short stories but lost the inertia when my kids stopped listening to my spoken versions of the stories.

@fribbledom I have a flash drive buried heaven knows where with a handful of short stories I was kinda writing, almost ten years ago. I don’t miss them, or have any desire to finish them or write something new, for now anyway. It was fun and I’m glad I did it, but the urge isn’t there anymore.

@fribbledom wanted to make a service where you commit to do something and if you fail you lose money. Like a bet with yourself. Would love to finish it one day

@fribbledom Ohh what a great question! Here's mine.

I've been trying to build a browser-based file manager, mostly for media management, since I'm interested in implementing UIs for specific tasks (e.g. visual arrangement of files for renaming them in order, or quicker ways to review large image sets)

It's been a few years, I built (and rebuilt) a backend to handle file operations and metadata, and have already rewritten the frontend twice, but there's always something that's not yet there :) I'm at peace with it being my endless pet project.

@fribbledom In 2016 I started jotting down ideas for "Basket of Deplorables", a card game where you'd compete to keep your government departments staffed, playing cards representing staff who were all crooks, idiots, extremists, etc. -- while other players sabotaged you by playing cards representing press interest, FOIA requests, protests, convictions, random firings via Twitter, etc.

@fribbledom An alternative Mastodon client that focused on audio messages.

@fribbledom I've tried a couple times to write a program that would do the first draft of a novel (before machine learning was a thing) by various writing techniques.

I called it Shit Volcano after

Probably not. Basically, it was an attempt to speed up my output of trivial, shitting ebooks to get some income in writing with less effort.

I realized I'm just never going to be a good writer and throwing more shit at the wall isn't going to help. And it won't pay bills.

@fribbledom It had some cool ideas though since it would basically pick random characters, create a little MUD-like map, and then write interactions between the characters that would get them from room 1 to room X.

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