Almost two months since Freenode imploded.

In this graph you'll see the total connected users per network in the last 8 weeks.

red: old Freenode
blue: new Freenode
green: Libera Chat


After the takeover of Freenode, they rolled out a new server software and restarted the entire network.

@fribbledom I'm looking at that huge dip right near the start of the graph, before new freenode.


Yeah, that's what I was talking about as well.

Wrt old vs new: they eventually shut down all the old server infrastructure mid-June, which is where the red graph ends and the blue one starts.


I had stared at this graph when it was all over my feed, wondering about when Libera will take over.

Glad to see the green line at the top.

@fribbledom Huh, that's a surprising amount of users on the new one.

@fribbledom so there's at least 20k of users who never restart bouncers on IRC, tells quite a bit about IRC itself

@fribbledom Is this a "What doomed Valyria?" situation, or can you fill me in on what happened? Sorry if this is asking too much.


There's been a transfer of ownership and a bit of a hostile takeover of Freenode. People started a new network called "Libera" where the majority of users has moved to.

@fribbledom @KMemzy saw people talking about it in another thread. Apparently libera could sue them over this?
@fribbledom I find it interesting anyone is still on freenode now

@fribbledom It really does go to show - just because you're the 'biggest' doesn't mean you can't be replaced if you do dumb stupid shit.

@fribbledom ya pretty shocking. freenode seems completely f*'d tho.

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