If you are 40 years old and your midlife crisis hasn't kicked in yet, just remember that Homer Simpson is officially 39 years of age.

You're welcome.

Some men decide it's time to buy a motorcycle or take a girlfriend who's young enough to be their daughter.

I bought a motorcycle in my thirties, so I guess that doesn't count. Maybe I should try the young girlfriend now 😇

@fribbledom Also, Abe Simpsonʼs “Itʼll happen to you!” speech is 25 years old this year. It happened to us :sadness:


I was Lisa’s age when the show began. Now I’m Homer’s age.

@fribbledom I think a midlife crisis is basically getting things you wanted as a sixteen year old. Wanted a fancy car? Or have a girlfriend? That seems to be it.

I'm not sure if I'll ever have one. I'm basically doing what I've wanted to do for thirty years so I don't have an longing need to *have* what I wanted at sixteen.

Except for being the big thumbs up from Papi, but let's be honest, the man has only giving me the nod of approval twice in forty-five years.

@dmoonfire @fribbledom Wondering if my record player and 80's record collection, which is way bigger than I had in high school, is a reflection of a mid-life crisis... I never had as much music as I wanted.

I guess I haven't gotten a sports car because I owned a Camero in high school.

@CarlCravens @fribbledom Maybe. Some of us get our desires slowly over time instead of hitting that point of "WTF am I doing with my life" or the feeling that somehow you missed something important or "what if things were different?"

@dmoonfire @fribbledom That explains why I have spent so much money on watercolors, good paper and music-making gear over the past year and a half.

@fribbledom pro tip: the best genre of YouTube art tutorials is by artists in their 40s who made it in the industry but didn't reach the top and then burned out.

@fribbledom I wasn't much into the Simpsons... watched a bit here and there, and when I got Disney+, started watching from the beginning. And I thought a lot about how old it is... how Nancy Cartwright is 63, and voicing Bart Simpson has been most of her career. How does a TV show last most of my life? Counting the Ulman show, the Simpsons started when I graduated high school, and now here I am in my 50's with a kid older than I was when the Simpsons started.

@fribbledom I've booked my mid life crisis in for when I'm 60 so I can live to 120.

@fribbledom today I read a buzzfeed article about the “xennial condition” of perimenopause. I. Am. Old.

@fribbledom I get midlife crisis once a month since... well , I got my period.

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