My first reaction when I saw the design of the Steam Deck: "yeah, the Sega GameGear was a weird device".

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@fribbledom I was like "a full x86 chipset in that thing? Finally, a Game Gear with improved battery life!"
@fribbledom It looks weird but it also looks like it emulates mouse controls well with the touchpads

@fribbledom How many double-A batteries did you lose to yours?

I eventually bought the battery pack....


Not too many actually. Built my own battery pack for it, the week I got the device.

@fribbledom Some of those games need a mouse. And GOG offers downloads.

@fribbledom I saw people started calling it the "Gabe Gear" and I found myself unable to disagree

@fribbledom Shout out to my childhood gaming console. Played hours of sonic and company.

Too bad it was short-lived. :ageblobcat:

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