I'm not interested in any of the Cyberpunk body modifications, but I wouldn't mind a sleep button for my brain πŸ˜†

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@schnittchen @fribbledom I came for the cyberpunk ideations and stayed for the sheer fucking wisdom of the people who've posted in it so far.

I always liked the idea of a cyberdek with a plug point. Although the eye one freaked me out.

@onepict @fribbledom The one from the chromebooks. I thought they were cool, then i remembered the time i nearly punched an optometrist for trying to touch a test strip to my eye.

@fribbledom or Folding@Brain with your consciousness suspended :blobeyes:

@fribbledom Also been thinking lately that it's be nice to have a setting to turn off those weird screensavers that play while I'm sleeping.

@fribbledom @kazooboy really? Maybe I'm just lucky, but I totally enjoy mine. Even the ones where I wake up and think "WTF did that come from?"

@icarus @fribbledom Yeah, I just have a lot of them where I wake up and go, "Oohhh thank goodness I didn't say/do *that*..." πŸ˜… Maybe I just need an option to adjust the parameters, lol.

@kazooboy @fribbledom Sounds like you need to recalibrate those screensavers πŸ˜‰

If I'm dreaming I always have some cool superpowers 😁

@KopfKrieg @fribbledom I think mine are sometimes like bad Hallmark movies πŸ˜…

@fribbledom Some kinda brain computer would be cool so i could do computer stuff wherever.... but i wouldn't really trust any modern corp to put crap in my brain so really not trusting cyberpunk megacorps.

@fribbledom A neural connection appeals to me, mainly because of the nerve damage in my wrists.

Oh, and a digital display on my eyeballs.

But that's about it.

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