@fribbledom Yeesssss I chose correctly. :D

There are some minesweepers out there that avoid situations like these.


Heh, but you do understand this isn't just random and there are simple rules to this game?

@fribbledom probably not. I never really understood it. I just saw numbers and was like okay, let me click somewhere else.


Each number indicates how many of the adjacent squares are mines. With some simple deductions you can figure out where the mines have to be, and where they can't be.

Mark the mines with a right-click, left-click on the safe squares to reveal more numbers.

It's a bit like Sudoku, really 馃槃

@fribbledom I'm much better at Sudoku. Still not amazing, but better at it. I need to give it another try and report back. Thanks for the info!

@fribbledom , I highly recommend you to up the game with triangles

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