If you think about it, any text-file, any image or video, any executable on your machine is just stored as a series of 1's and 0's, and can simply be interpreted as a very, very large integer.

You're not running Excel, you're just running a number. You're not watching the latest episode of your favorite show, this is 180983984839912343232899016056542024...

Makes you wonder... are there other data compression algorithms we could employ?

What if your favorite song/movie could be encoded as a compact factorial?

@Zergling_man @fribbledom I'd also recommend reading the original short story the site is based on, it's really good! Here's a link to an audio reading:

@wistahe @fribbledom >jewtube
I probably should read it, for now I'm content with summaries.

Number mash 

"You've watched 388372899278382747949283313031? It's really great"

This also means every singles show on earth has a unique ID and I love that
No more confusing titles
Even watches times of a specific episode of a specific show has a unique ID. Every game, book

As robots, this would probably as we ewpuld communicate.
I would

@fribbledom if we could rapidly factor such enormous numbers we'd have bigger problems re: security

@LogicalDash @fribbledom In this respect, it seems like a better approach to just generate a huge composite number and see if it's another Fast and Furious movie.

@realTimo @LogicalDash

At the rate they're releasing these movies, surely this converges to 1 eventually 😄

@fribbledom @LogicalDash I was wondering if you were referring to the *number* that represents the movie - due to the low quality - or the *chance of finding* said number - due to the high movie quantity.

Then I realized, it's two perspectives on the same thing. :blobpats:

@fribbledom @LogicalDash Never watched any of those movies btw, but I guess it does not get any more entertaining than this.

@realTimo @fribbledom @LogicalDash I've only seen 15 minutes of some Fast and Furious movie in Dubai, they were great

@fribbledom In theory if you have the correct RNG you could make a seed that generates anything.

@fribbledom Look at it this way: in theory, any sequence of numbers, which means every YouTube video not yet recorded, and every e-book not yet written, is probably somewhere among the digits of Pi. Good luck finding it.

@felix @fribbledom There is also Gallery pf Babel on the same site, with pictures but with the same concept. I did some math at one point and I am pretty sure they don't have literally all the combinations of pixels for that one image format and it's just a dynamic gimmick. For one it takes an unreasonable amount of time to compute that iirc and for second it would take a lot of storage.

@vib @fribbledom @felix They library is also a gimmick - the whole thing is a fancy reversible base35 prng

@fribbledom Depends on the complexity of your musical/movie tastes, I guess.

@fribbledom This is the unspoken secret of Cloud storage.
The entirety of Youtube is just stored as offsets within Pi and kept on a single USB flash drive in Larry's pocket

@fribbledom I remember just after high school, a friend of mine tried all kinds of crazy compression ideas. His favorite one was to XOR the data with a random number. THEORETICALLY, after (n) tries, it could come up with a number that would allow for tremendous compression of the original file.

Decompression would be wicked fast, but compression (FINDING the right number to XOR with) might take an eternity. ;)

@fribbledom This is why integers have the best storage on computers, even better than plain text.

@fribbledom Take this line of thinking a bit further. There are actually very many (countlessly many) integers that are illegal in many (most) locales.

@fribbledom Also this applies to everything. Everything you know is just a large set of neurons which are either firing or not. Your memories and emotions are just you being a particular integer at a particular time. "fake news" is one set of integers hacking another. They're big integers, but just integers.

@fribbledom Implying, of course, that the number of all possible files on a given storage device is countable and finite.

@fribbledom Yes. May I introduce the pi-filesystem? Pi is infinite, so at some offset it will have the exact series of bytes of the video you are watching right now, all your mp3s. So instead of storing the file itself, you can simply store the offset in pi, and the number of bytes of the file, and then you can reconstruct the file at any time!

@fribbledom There is 'arithmetic coding' which basically treats your stream as a real number, and your prediction of what the next symbol is chops that number up into different lengths (more likely is larger); as you work through your stream you can transmit a few bits as you know the first few digits of your number.

@penguin42 Arithmetic Coding is really cool, but slightly tricky to implement well. You can think of it as a limiting case of Huffman Coding where you take larger and larger clusters of symbols, but encode progressively.

Interesting stuff.

(But you probably knew that)

CC: @fribbledom

@ColinTheMathmo @fribbledom Right; but it's very easy to play with once you've got the core written you can play with trying new weight functions really easily.

@fribbledom What if I don't think about it? What does it turn into then? /j


Or a graph, some high dimensional vector space, a category, or one large lambda equation.

@fribbledom definitely check out the unclassifiable work of Olivier Pasquet, whose biggest problem as an academic is that there’s no university department for him. He usually ends up in the music composition department, but his work encompasses architecture and visual media as well.

I remember an installation where you walk through a dark room following a tape along the wall using a flashlight with dots printed on it.

I had the experience of listening to music, because the structure was there, encoded in the dots…

@fribbledom Quantum computers are changing this model as a qubit can be both 0 and 1 simultaneously.

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