If you think about it, any text-file, any image or video, any executable on your machine is just stored as a series of 1's and 0's, and can simply be interpreted as a very, very large integer.

You're not running Excel, you're just running a number. You're not watching the latest episode of your favorite show, this is 180983984839912343232899016056542024...


Makes you wonder... are there other data compression algorithms we could employ?

What if your favorite song/movie could be encoded as a compact factorial?

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@fribbledom if we could rapidly factor such enormous numbers we'd have bigger problems re: security

@LogicalDash @fribbledom In this respect, it seems like a better approach to just generate a huge composite number and see if it's another Fast and Furious movie.

@realTimo @LogicalDash

At the rate they're releasing these movies, surely this converges to 1 eventually 😄

@fribbledom @LogicalDash I was wondering if you were referring to the *number* that represents the movie - due to the low quality - or the *chance of finding* said number - due to the high movie quantity.

Then I realized, it's two perspectives on the same thing. :blobpats:

@fribbledom @LogicalDash Never watched any of those movies btw, but I guess it does not get any more entertaining than this.

@realTimo @fribbledom @LogicalDash I've only seen 15 minutes of some Fast and Furious movie in Dubai, they were great

@fribbledom In theory if you have the correct RNG you could make a seed that generates anything.

@fribbledom Look at it this way: in theory, any sequence of numbers, which means every YouTube video not yet recorded, and every e-book not yet written, is probably somewhere among the digits of Pi. Good luck finding it.

@felix @fribbledom There is also Gallery pf Babel on the same site, with pictures but with the same concept. I did some math at one point and I am pretty sure they don't have literally all the combinations of pixels for that one image format and it's just a dynamic gimmick. For one it takes an unreasonable amount of time to compute that iirc and for second it would take a lot of storage.

@vib @fribbledom @felix They library is also a gimmick - the whole thing is a fancy reversible base35 prng

@fribbledom Depends on the complexity of your musical/movie tastes, I guess.

@fribbledom This is the unspoken secret of Cloud storage.
The entirety of Youtube is just stored as offsets within Pi and kept on a single USB flash drive in Larry's pocket

@fribbledom I remember just after high school, a friend of mine tried all kinds of crazy compression ideas. His favorite one was to XOR the data with a random number. THEORETICALLY, after (n) tries, it could come up with a number that would allow for tremendous compression of the original file.

Decompression would be wicked fast, but compression (FINDING the right number to XOR with) might take an eternity. ;)

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