Soooo, the sequel to Suicide Squad is also called Suicide Squad?! I don't find that confusing at all 🙄

@fribbledom we’re in the era of 0 title creativity. We have been for a while now.


Right. That changes everything 😄

Next one is "A Suicide Squad" then?


3. Suicider Squad
4. Too suicide too squad (because too + too = 4)
5. Suicide Squad: Terrebone Drift

no, A Suicide Squad doesn't fit
first was the Suicide Squad.
second was The Suicide Squad.
clearly the third is going to be
either THe Suicide Squad
or tHe Suicide Squad

@lxo @danjones000 @fribbledom
My guess for their naming policy is:

2016: Suicide Squad
2021: The Suicide Squad
2026: The The Suicide Squad
2031: The The The Suicide Squad

Possibly they may replace multiple occurences of "the" with "final", "definite", "ultimate", or synonyms of all those.

@fribbledom I guess they just looked at all the other long running franchises and decided "why wait 5 or 6 films before naming the next one the same as the first? Let's cut the queue!"

@fribbledom I'm pretty sure they are doing it so people forget about the first one lol

@fribbledom There's a "The" prefix to this one. Big difference. /sarcasm :blobcoffeeunamused2:

@Jo @fribbledom looking forward to the third installment, "A Suicide Squad".

@mike @fribbledom And then the series branches out into a massive "Suicide & Squad" franchise.

@Jo @fribbledom they definitely missed a huge opportunity for 2 Suicide 2 Squad.

@fribbledom it's a reboot because the first one sucked so bad. The new one is in the birds of prey universe where women are allowed to have opinions

@fribbledom DC is so comically inept they are fucking up in ways I hadn't even considered

@Leucrotta @fribbledom nah, they are going to skip number three, and going straight for Suicide Quad

@fribbledom nah it's easy:

"gonna watch suicide squad"

"which one?"

"the second one"

"oh ok"


You already know there will be a "Suicide Squad 2", and who's laughing then? 😄

Too Suicide Squad,
2icide squad,
Second Suicide Squad,
Suicide Squad: The Second
Suicide Squad: You only die twice

@fribbledom its a remakequel.

With most of the existing cast.

@fribbledom Is it going to pretend the first never happened?

@fribbledom It's a do over Suicide Squad apparently. Two characters are the same, but otherwise I related to the first. At least, that is what I read.

@fribbledom still better than this:
1930-1969: looney tunes
2001-2014: the looney tunes show
2015-2020: new looney tunes
2020-now: looney tunes cartoons

note that these are completely separate cartoons, loosely based off of each other - not continuations.

Would the squid get too... entangled in the ways of life?

Just pick the one with the most seeders, duh!

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