Imaginary ad for KDE apps. Today: Konsole


@fribbledom and here I've been using GTK apps for everything... 🤦‍♂️


Nothing wrong with that, but it never harms to check out freely available alternatives.

@fribbledom keyboard input into multiple terminals like Terminator?

@fribbledom Konsole has always been one of the most functional terminal emulators ever. I need to look into it again, even though I use MATE these days for the desktop.

That's great! How did you make that? Is it standard footage from some service?

@fribbledom if it's imaginary how come I can watch it in the real world?

@fribbledom why imaginary though... it does the job... pretty much a real ad :)

@fribbledom I like to use kitty - I don't need all these layouts & it's pretty slick & slim

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