πŸŽ‰ Owncast v0.0.8 is out πŸŽ‰

Host your own video streaming instance and say goodbye to Twitch!

- Chat moderation
- Embeddable chat
- Custom emoji
- Lots of fixes!

Get Owncast:

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@fribbledom Oooh, this looks interesting. Will have to check it out. You host things yourself? So, no bothering with TOS of other sites?

@fribbledom Are they still donating server space to certain projects? Is that a thing or am I misremembering?

Do you know if it can be used for recording (audio-only)? Wondering if it could be used in podcast-production (one host, some calling in).

@keunes @fribbledom From what little I've used Owncast, it really only seems to do final delivery to clients.

The professional podcasting people I've heard describe their setups all seem to recommend VDO Ninja for calling in and OBS Studio for mixing, recording, and publishing (to Owncast or Twitch), both FOSS.

Thanks a lot for that! I'll look into these other software packages that you mention.

@fribbledom Does Owncast produce RSS feeds for the content so they can be shared as video podcasts?

@fribbledom hey, do you have any info about end-to-end latency of such solution ?


It's fairly configurable, but with the current HLS protocol there's always a minimum of ~4 seconds of latency.

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