@fribbledom I've been waiting for a good eink reader for a while, but hated most of the options. I highly suspect that the #PineNote is going to be exactly what I want.

The only problem is waiting until it stabalizes enough since I'm not *quite* ready to tinker in my life. (Same with the #PinePhone which I'm going to get as soon as the case is all done and my current phone is closer to its EOL).

@fribbledom 60Hz e-ink display sounds crazy. Am I missing something, or will you really be able to watch smooth (albeit 16-color grayscale) animations on it?

@jay @fribbledom they've (appropriately) just walked back that number - eink takes time- frames- to reset no matter how fast it is.

If seen other products claim 15fps. Which is plenty for the perception of smooth Animation, if properly tuned. Which for most stuff on YouTube or Netflix- no.

pine note sounds nice. but plasma running on an e-ink device? isn't this still far too slow??
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