🔥 Just released a fresh little tool for the devs out there 🔥

gitty, a smart little CLI helper for git projects, that shows you all the relevant issues, pull requests and changes at a quick glance. It currently only supports the GitHub API, but I'd eventually like it to become a bit more agnostic.

Get it here:

@fribbledom any reason why you made binaries for rpm/deb/apk and not a Snap or Flatpak? Just curious to learn why you opted for that route 😎👍

@Siilwyn I don't know, I haven't looked into that. Maybe @fribbledom has and can shine a light on the matter, just like making a Snap? 🤔

Edit: actually, there are CLI apps on Flathub:

@RyuKurisu @fribbledom ah I see but never seen Flatpak cli apps in the wild. Using it with `flatpak run org.flameshot. Flameshot` is probably a reason why, seems annoying.


Should be doable, but I'm currently lacking the setup to test these builds.

Gitea support would be great! Many FOSS projects use it nowadays instead of Github or Gitlab :)

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