🎉 gitty v0.3.0 is out! 🎉

gitty fetches contextual information about your project straight from the GitHub API and shows you active branches, open issues & pull requests, as well as the changes since the latest release... right on the command line!

Get it here:

@fribbledom where do you find the time to create all these projects?! I'll have to try that one out!


Nice, ping me when this goes through so we can update the README!

@fribbledom this had me going down a rabbithole today! i saw it, found it really cool... but as i am a proponent of - i took a look at the source and found way to complex to achive quick results (for me). so i sat down and tried to build all of gitty functionality for gitlab using and . i have to clean it up a bit but if you are interested - one of these days i am goint to publish a short piece about it on my homepage - and maybe it...

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