Ooopsie! Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp: offline.

Looks like a DNS problem?


Yikes! Since the DNS records of Facebook/Instagram/WhatsApp can't be resolved anymore, every device with one of their apps installed is now actively DDoSing recursive DNS resolvers.

This may cause problems... for the entire internet.


But, jokes apart, how many web sites incorporating fb logos or similar amenities will stall waiting for a timeout?

@GustavinoBevilacqua @fribbledom Might be so that your DNS resolver serves result from cache until time-to-live expires 🤔

@gytis it's a 10.* IP, which is for private network. @GustavinoBevilacqua edited the hosts file, I believe.


@huy_ngo @gytis @fribbledom

Being pretty lazy, I'm using the private range 10.x.x.x since Win95 beta (my last Win machine: it was, because it's faster to type - and remember - than 192.168.x.x.
And also because it gives 16,777,216 addresses, just in case I have to add something to the LAN.

@GustavinoBevilacqua Does serve up big black images for every request so you can see which pages display FB frames? ... I should do that... @fribbledom


If you have an Apache web server you can make everything you want, with the URLs inside the /etc/hosts file, even a FB clone where everybody is smart and friendly (if you use the right bots).


@fribbledom I wonder if that's why Bandcamp was having trouble resolving this morning.

@fribbledom Ah, that explains the other slow downs people are reporting.

Also I was pretty impressed that even facebook's onion site went down.

Tor is pretty good at getting around a number of network issues.

@galaxis @fribbledom

So funny "There are people now trying to gain access to the peering routers to implement fixes, but the people with physical access is separate from the people with knowledge of how to actually authenticate to the systems and people who know what to actually do, so there is now a logistical challenge with getting all that knowledge unified."

Very hard to use the network to fix the network when the network is down.

@alienghic @galaxis @fribbledom

I wonder if DNS providers will need to start returning bogus answers to queries for it just to get clients to back off

@deejoe @galaxis @fribbledom

I wonder if they have access to previously cached values, I'd guess the least breaking change would be to fudge the expiration time on facebook dns records and return previous values for a while longer.

@alienghic @galaxis @fribbledom

without routes is a cached value useful (other than as an answer that might eventually Just Work again someday?)

@deejoe @galaxis @fribbledom

The comments I've seen say the routes to their DNS servers were removed, what I don't know is if that means there are other routes that could still work.

@fribbledom Sheesh, I didn't realize that was what was going on!

@fribbledom ah. Maybe the age of spybricks is not upon us. If other corporations have their toes mashed by this little hiccup maybe that will all come crashing down.

Nahhhh. It'd have to be way worse than this to do that.

@fribbledom cloudflare has a nice graph showing 30x increase in DNS traffic for the affected domains, but they were able to handle it this time

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