Happy 25th Anniversary, KDE! 🎉

So proud of this community and everything we achieved in the last quarter of a century. Here's to the next 25 years!


BTW: Usually these postings get a lot of answers like "Use a Mac if you want
a GUI, CLI rules!", "I like thousands of different widgets-libraries on my
desktop, if you are too stupid to learn them, you should use windoze", "RAM
prices are so low, I only use static motif programs", "You will never
succeed, so better stop before the beginning", "Why Qt? I prefer
schnurz-purz-widgets with xyz-lisp-shell. GPL! Check it out!", etc. Thanks
for not sending - 1/2

these as followup to this posting :-) I know I'm a

How much has changed, and yet so little... :D @fribbledom
- 2/2

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