That feeling when you receive a call at 2am greatly varies with age.

Age 20: Hell yeah, where's the party at?!

Age 40: Oh shit, something really bad just happened.

@fribbledom I'm in my late 20s and any late night call has me worried.


Age 60: Oh shit, something really bad just happened. Again. This week.

can't hear the phone ring
it's forgotten somewhere far away from the bedroom

Age 32 : Another party !? I'm still drunk from yesterday... Howwwwkay. Where is it ?
Fine, i'm in in 30min.


Ah, just wait and trust me. The difference between age 32 and 40 feels roughly equal to the difference between age 12 and 24.

@fribbledom For me, it's always been : Damn, a (**input some racist word here**) dialled up the wrong number again.

@fribbledom who the fuck just calls people for non-emergencies without texting beforehand?

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