You know how docker containers get a random name assigned when you don't specify one yourself? Names are randomly generated and look like "inspiring_pike" or "competent_darwin".

Turns out there's a special check in the code that prevents it from ever generating the name "boring_wozniak" 😄


For that "feature" and that feature alone 😆

@ekvin @fribbledom must be done on purpose because they knew somebody would notice that piece of code!

@ekvin @fribbledom this has got to be one of the very few times I’ve seen goto used in a golang code base.

@fribbledom I tried to get them to take out boring altogether. After all, why should Newton be described as boring, but not Wozniak?

They rejected my PR.


Actually, it looks like they didn’t reject it outright, just left it undecided. One of the arguments against my PR was that the code was funny.

@fribbledom @typingmonkey Note line 121 too:

// Please, for any amazing man that you add to the list, consider adding an equally amazing woman to it, and vice versa.

@fribbledom I guess you can still do --name boring_wozniak if you disagree

@fribbledom That’s funny, and also I smell a DoS attack through RNG state manipulation that leads to an endless loop incoming.

@fribbledom So it might be possible to have it stall there for a bit? A more elegant solution would be to pretend the second half isn't there.

@fribbledom I much prefer the moniker library, adjective-animalname. It's highly amusing to me that people managed to take offense at randomly generated animal names. Really, someone complained that one of the combinations it came up with was offensive. They assigned malice to an RNG...

I love that page, thanks.
My faviorite line so far:
// Emmett Brown invented time travel.

@fribbledom looks like a great way to leak RNG outout through a side channel... though a good RNG shouldn't care about its output being known


Looking at the code, they use the non-crypto RNG for this particular use-case anyway.

@fribbledom as long as guessing a container name doesn't matter, it should be fine

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