Find out how good you are at placing historical events in the right order with this cool new game based on Wikidata's data:

This is awesome!

@fribbledom This is neat!


okay the pop culture references are unfair. We have literally /never heard/ of the guy.

@fribbledom Also "National Health Service" is like... which /country/??

The other ones were alright though.

@fribbledom it just asked me when the natural number '1.000.000' was published x.x

pretty cool though

@welshpixie @fribbledom Are you familiar with the game Timeline? It's basically this in a physical card game, if that seems like your jam 🙂

@welshpixie @fribbledom Hahaha sounds like someone should be doing some expurgation of titles 😂

@fribbledom Also I don't know what happened here but I do know that this statue was not created in 2020 😂 😂😂😂

@welshpixie @fribbledom Indeed, I got that card, so although it was fun while it lasted, and a cool game and implementation, that's where I gave up.

@fribbledom OMG!


@fribbledom well there’s a lot of ‘i’ve never heard of this novel and have no idea when it was published’ once you start getting too far in, but it’s an interesting game!

@fribbledom Man, this ain't easy, streak is at 11 so far. Sometimes I'm like 'Is this seriously that old?!'

@fribbledom Oh come on, in case of the same year they should give me a break. :P

@fribbledom Would've been way more fun if 50% wouldn't be just random pop culture references 😕

@fribbledom I guess it would be if I had any idea how to play it. I see three hearts and two cards, and I can't tap or drag anything so I guess it's broken


Yup, drag n drop. Probably related to browser and/or extensions.

@fribbledom @moopet on mobile, I had to grab the bottom of the card to move them

@fribbledom Oh, that's lovely, and it gets hard pretty fast!

There's a physical version of this game that's very pretty and sort of replayable. Hard to play with very young people, but you can do it sort of cooperatively, everyone bringing up their reasons for guessing a date.

@fribbledom This is fun! I even fixed a Wikidata item along the way.

@fribbledom Metaproblem: If one plays this by guessing at random each time, what's the expected value for the score?

@fribbledom This is awesome! Thanks for sharing. This and wordle are so fun.

@fribbledom brilliant! Love the stuff people come up with using Wikidata!


It seems I'm pretty bad at stuff before 1700s😅


@danialbehzadi @fribbledom combined we can either beat the game or get beaten in the first three guesses 😂🤣

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