🎉 gitty v0.7.0 is out 🎉

gitty is a smart little tool for git projects, that shows you relevant issues, pull requests, and changes at a quick glance - right on the command-line!

What's new?

- show tracking stats for branches

- prioritize remotes named 'upstream' over 'origin'

- many small fixes and improvements! 🐛

Full Changelog:

@fribbledom if you have multiple remotes (e.g. github, gitea, gitlab) on a single repo, will it combine the stats for all of them? :)


I'm afraid it doesn't, but I imagine that would be doable 😄

@fribbledom Does it handle git-services, that are hosted in subdirectories of urls?


I must admit I haven't tested that and am not entirely sure it will. Which git service are you using? Gitlab, gitea?

@fribbledom Gitea, had to put it on a subdir. Gitty seems to be assuming, that the domain is the git-service (not a recognized git provider), tokens with specific subdirs don't seem to resolve to the coresponding domain (please set a GITTY_TOKENS env var for host


Thanks for testing this! Would you mind creating a ticket with your findings?


@fribbledom installed this for a work thing using Gitlab and it works like a charm! also looks lovely 🤩 we're all new to using git and the disconnect between the web and the command line is a barrier, but this is a nice way to bridge that gap!


This looks really cool. Definitely going to try it out tomorrow.

Here's a couple suggestions, based on what I've read so far.

- Ability to set API keys in git config, such as:
+ git config --global some-key
- Option to choose which remote to use with command-line flag

For the second, I have some repos in both GitHub and gitlab, with remotes named thus locally, so I'd like to be able to do: gitty --remote github or gitty --remote gitlab instead of it looking for upstream or origin. Maybe this is already an option, but I haven't checked yet. So, I apologize if it is.
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