Working as a developer doesn't mean you're smashing keys on your keyboard for 8 hours straight.

It's thinking, learning, experimenting, communicating, reading, trying, exploring, scribbling, and probably a dozen other things. Then, for just a couple minutes each day, you actually type some code.

@yes @fribbledom I have deleted so much bad code during my career.

@fribbledom I once read a Microsoft paper that says developers only write about 30 LOC an hour. Experience and skill means those 30 mean more.

@fribbledom Googling for a solution only to find the one post related is either not answered from 5 years ago, or actually by you, also unanswered from 5 years ago

@fribbledom This is all true, but now I'm just considering someone pensively thinking about some problem while simultaneously just idly Gallaghering keyboards. Might be cathartic, but I don't think I could expense all of them.

@fribbledom there was a great joke I once heard about a plumber being called in to fix a leak in a school's vast plumbing system.

The plumber let the superintendent go on and on about the various problems and places for a while, then walked to a certain pipe, marked it with an X and said "Replace that one. You can find it at any hardware store for about $5. Any way that'll be $5000".

@fribbledom The superintendent was angry and responded "Are you kidding me? If it only costs $5 and you just were here for not even 15 minutes... and you expect me to pay $5000!?".

The plumber shrugged and said "The pipe may only be $5, but knowing where to put the X is the rest."

@fribbledom but yes computers work the same way. So many bugs that take days to figure out that require one line of code to change.


Back in the 1980s, when I was coding COBOL, JCL and IBM 390 assembler, my grandmother asked me what it was I actually did.

After getting nowhere trying to explain programs and compilers I finally just said, "Basically I sit and think. Sometimes I get up and walk around and think. Then I type like a madman for a while. And then I think some more. And finally I fill out some paperwork explaining what I did."

She replied, "They pay you for that?"

@fribbledom Don't forget sitting in meetings for hours a day.

@fribbledom Exactly. The coding task of developing software is a small part of the development process.

@fribbledom yes! As a manager I’ve had to explicitly explain to people that I pay then not for typing text files, but for their thinking and ideas. It’s a very easy trap to fall into that the rendition of those thoughts is what is important rather than the thoughts themselves.

@fribbledom ... visiting the coffee/tea area, rummaging in the biscuit cupboard, playing multiplayer Doom, and in the olden days borrowing music CDs from colleagues. WFH has killed the most enjoyable forms of social interaction!

@fribbledom been feeling a bit like this sometimes.. Like i am a little pixie descending on my project and putting in/usually changing a tiny bit of code..

I do think though it's possible to be way more productive than this.. But remember: more LOC is worse, actually.

More features are better... but without communication and knowing each others' goals, who's gonna use them?

@fribbledom working as an admin doesn't mean you're smashing keys on your keyboard for 8 hours straight.

It's drinking coffee, sleeping on the desk, replying to emails, and a dozen of other things. Then, for just a couple minutes each day, you actually solve someone's problems.

Unless you are evaluated by the number of lines of code you produce, then it is back to smashing keys.

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