You know, sometimes I get the feeling the compiler simply ignores all my comments 🤔

@fribbledom a good compiler doesn't care what people think about it

@wolf480pl @fribbledom bits and bytes may smash my stack, but comments never hurt me

@wolf480pl @fribbledom the compiler program opens a window. An animation of a round face, looks at you with a friendly concern. "what could we write to put you at ease?"

"Don't worry, remember, my purpose is to be at your service with no ironic consequences."

@fribbledom for me it’s a blessing. or they’d know what i *really* think of them 😂

@fribbledom try the # instead //

I have a feeling gcc listens more when I use the Python-style comments 🤷‍♀️

@uint8_t @fribbledom Amazing! I have found a secret code. If you change your comments from
// please include myheader.h here

#include "myheader.h"

gcc will oblige! Thank you!

It could be worse. Could you imagine if it was actually trying to parse them?

My comments not only SHOULD be ignored, but NEED to be ignored. LOL

@fribbledom The TOML standard demands that invalid unicode characters inside comments must cause parse errors.
When I wrote a TOML library, I wish I could just make it ignore all the comments.

@shironeko @fribbledom Disallowing invalid unicode characters inside comments does nothing to prevent that attack though—the attack works because the involved characters are valid and have special meanings.

@dmbaturin @fribbledom I mean the class of errors like it. tho think in this case the effect was because the bidirectional control characters used are unbalanced so it would be a invalid unicode sequence? not a unicode expert tho

@fribbledom The compiler ignores them but the documentation generator doesn't!

Compilers out here treating comments as if they were committing to version control...

@fribbledom Try forgetting the closing "*/" and see if it *still* forgets them. 😄

I often work with an unusual language in which comments look

* like this;

I'm forever writing them

* like this:

with a final colon, to explain the code that follows, and I end up having to debug code in which one statement silently fails to run.

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