Dentist: "Do you floss daily?"
Me: "Do you backup your data daily?"

@fribbledom Dentist: "No, but my teeth won't rot if I don't do a backup."

(BTW I agree that flossing daily is too often.)

@underlap @fribbledom Wait what?? Isn't the usual recommendation to floss 3x per day? (That's my dendists recommendation and that's what I've learned as a kid.) I mean I barely get to 2x per day, but... not even once?

Studies say a bunch of stuff; I have empirical experience that people who do floss have better teeth, and I'm one of those who doesn't do it...
@tobtobxx @fribbledom

dentist: i just want you to have good bites
@fribbledom : same

@fribbledom Don't believe you said it. It would be foolish to say that to someone who can easily cause you a lot of pain., right?

I actauly rarly floss, mainly as I can't get it between most of my theeth, and the omce i can I can pretty much just use woth my toung

@fribbledom Your dentist shouldn’t need to ask, they should know by looking.

@fribbledom many dentists use practice management software that do in fact backup their files to the cloud every day 😅

@pd @fribbledom Then I'm totally calm. What should happen to personal and health data when there's a backup in the CLOUD?

@fribbledom Me: do you use different passwords for every account?


Blood drips from my gums
Cruel sadist stabbing with glee
Floss or face their wrath

Either you're using too thick floss or not flossing regularly
If you floss regularly the bleeding will stop after a few days

The dentist certainly has a drawer full of backup teeth... only backup i really need is for my hobby OS project.

everything else i'm not really going to care if it gets nuked and i have to start from complete scratch.

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