20 years ago I was actually really excited whenever my mobile rang. Cell services were still fairly new, and heck, we could just talk to anyone pretty much anywhere? Technology is awesome!

Today I seem to become anxious and nervous as soon as the phone starts ringing. What could be so important and urgent that a message doesn't suffice?

@fribbledom That's pretty much *the* difference between how the generation before mine communicates and how the one after does it: a shift from synchronous (immediate or none) and vocal to asynchronous (delayed) and text-based.

@aaribaud @fribbledom Lady Gaga's "Telephone" is a good marker of this shift. Previously, telephones in songs tended to represent connection and togetherness, like in "I Just Called to Say I Love You" and the like. But Gaga and her listeners experience phone calls mainly as unwelcome interruptions, and the song reflects that.

@fribbledom I totally agree.
After the latest wave of spam calls I don't answer unknown numbers anymore. Calls from foreign countries do not make sense in my life.

@fribbledom somebody calling me is literally the only reason my phone makes any noise ever.

@fribbledom Same here… With all the spam-calls I do have a call-blocker in place blocking everything not being in my contacts or added to a (prefix-based) allow-list…

@fribbledom Yeah I can relate very much to this. I don’t like when my phone is ringing. I like my phone. But for me it’s all about internet / information search.

@fribbledom The phone (the actual calling-on-the-phone part of the phone) has become very much like the mail: a vector for torrents of spam, the occasional "real" business-to-customer communication (bills, etc.), and... pretty much nothing else, ever. We could do away with both and society would continue to function just fine, I think.

Remember when you could suddenly call long distance for "free?" (Same price as any other call)

That was so liberating!!

@fribbledom glad I'm not the only one feeling that way. Pro tip: Just put it into airplane mode for the times you're not running around and have WiFi.

@fribbledom just a few weeks after I started putting my mobile on mute for several hours a day and educate my peers that I am not available whenever they want but when I want.
This availability expectation stresses me out.

@fribbledom Is the head of the household there? I'd like to talk to you about your car's extended warranty. Would you like to buy raffle tickets to support your local police. This call may be recorded for quality assurance purposes. (Generally, when the phone rings it's nothing important, just spam.)

@fribbledom Was in kindergarten 20 years ago but I share your anxieties over phone calls in this milieu :-(

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