The summer at 10 feels as long as a year at 20 and the five years between 35 and 40.

@RebekahWSD @fribbledom

Yet the loathing is futile.

I call this phenomenon "time contraction", where as one gets older, the same lengths of time seemingly appear to be contracted, shortened like a muscle. The opposite is time dilation, where time seemingly appears to be extended.

I can say that it's not impossible to experience time dilation even at an advanced age. But it might be impossible to explain how.


3 months / 10 years

1 year / 20 years

5 years / 40 years

I'm too stoned to do the math but I think there's something there

Another reason why I'm moving to where it's always summer

@fribbledom it’s all relative. Let’s say summer is 3 months. At 6 years old, that 3 months is 1/24th of your entire life. At 30, that 3 months is 1/120th of your life, so nearly 10x smaller in proportion.

No wonder it feels like it goes more quickly.

@kev @fribbledom then you have kids, and it is 1/2 of your will to not drop them off on the school steps and make them wait there daily for school to start again.

@fribbledom maybe it's also because the older you get the less fun things you do? on average I mean...

@fribbledom The summer I was 10 was 1989. It was between two rapid-fire moves, when we briefly lived in a forest of pine trees — the kind that have lateral branches down to the ground. I spent the days running through the woods and climbing trees until I got too hot, then came home sticky with pine sap and plopped down in front of the tv for hours-long sessions of Nintendo or Nickelodeon (first time we had cable!) with my little brother and sister. Best summer of my life.

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