of the week:

"The Anti Oloid"


Print it and post a photo of it in this thread!

Scattergun model, 3D printed for a friend's TF2 Scout cosplay outfit. 

I've tooted while 3D printing this lampshade last week - and as promised, here is a photo of it in "action".

Still a bit of stringing to clean up, but if I may say so myself, this looks rather stunning!

ESP8266-powered with an HTTP API to remotely control it and make it light up to indicate events 😊

This is turning into a rather Nintendo-themed night here 😆

Fresh from the "press"

Since people seem to enjoy those 3d prints so much, here's another thing I recently printed:

an adjustable camera/phone tripod

Beware, I'm responsible for my own little pet dragon now!

All the details survived, but probably still requires a bit of polish and "post-processing".

Best pen-holder ever!

Another smooth and beautiful print. I just love this black PLA!

Nobody's perfect.

Still love this little fellow, despite all its flaws. I've seen worse first prints, after all.


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