We would love to have one, but frankly we'd need help with that!


It actually is a 3D model, and I'm totally pondering printing it πŸ˜…

Your brain automatically translates WTF but not LOL.


I really can't. It amazes me how people can attach themselves to a thing *so* much, they feel personally insulted if someone else questions its design.

So no, I can't really take it seriously.

Reactions to this post on Twitter are amazing πŸ˜…

- "Shepard might be an adequate alternate profession for you"
- "Your calling is cabling. Go back to it"
- "Are you mentally challenged or something?"

They're really doing Twitter proud there πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

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Oh yeah, I'm ”definitely gonna watch this”.

Wow. This toot apparently prompted several dozen of you to unfollow me πŸ˜†

Good riddance!

To the rest of you:

Thanks for actually reading the article instead of falling for that headline, not noticing the inverted commas, and then jumping to conclusions! You people are why I love the Fediverse so much 😊

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@inanedirk @loganer

Oh... right. I probably need some caffeine first πŸ˜„

@loganer @inanedirk

Wow, didn't even notice that. Certainly not fake though, I took that screenshot myself.

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