Likewise! It seems a lot easier on the Fediverse, doesn't it? 😊


Nah, I do use the federated timeline pretty heavily and watch several tags in the web interface.

AdventOfCode and Rust aren't among them though πŸ˜„

Cyber Monday is so special, Amazon even forgot to update the URLs, drop-downs & page titles this year: they all still read "Black Friday" πŸ˜‚


You know what? I actually like it being this explicit. A lot.


Obviously it might not work out the same everywhere for aforementioned reasons, but seeing how the 2k watts are the average per capita *across* multiple countries & continents, I would say that's accounted for by definition.


Also keep in mind that what you're using isn't what you're paying directly:

"The concept addresses not only personal or household energy use, but the total for the whole society, including embodied energy, divided by the population."



Easily. The US are at an average of 12kW per person.

I'd like to pretend that I boycotted Black Friday as some form of protest against the rampant capitalism and consumerism, but if I'm being honest... all the deals this year were shit.


Ah, Model zwei sieht aus wie der Ikea BΓ€ckpein.


No such issues here, works fine with VirtualBox and OBS. I think this sounds more like an OpenGL/compositor issue than a problem with the style.


You even get a whole range of cursor styles & colors(!) to pick from. But I like that particular one myself 😊


I've been using Suse and Debian since the 90s but I don't really like their packaging tools. With Arch it's super easy to package your own stuff and even make it available on the AUR.

I also like it being a rolling release. That might not be the best idea for regular users, but I just enjoy new software way too much πŸ˜…

Still running Debian/Ubuntu on my servers, but it's Arch on all my desktops/notebooks for the past 12 years now.


That's completely optional. I'd focus on the other elements.

If you're using Plasma checkout the Lightly style, it's really quite beautiful:


I got a portable air duster and it's probably my new favorite toy πŸ˜„

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πŸ“¦ Just shipped: Glow 1.2.1. Filtering just went from πŸš΄β€β™‚οΈ to πŸš€!

Now you can filter through thousands of markdown files being loaded on the fly! Grab the update for some major performance optimizations and extra smooth UI improvements.


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