Musst leider $suchmaschine bemühen, kam per Email von Slack selbst.


Kinda, but it seems to work on a pretty outdated search index. While the regular search finds up to 20 results (for my sample search), codesearch only comes up with two fairly old results.


That's exactly what I do as well. Embarrassing 😆

The GitHub search experience:

1. Enter a search term
2. Take note of the 5 results
3. Click Search button again
4. Take note of completely different results
5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 until you're satisfied with the results

Yes, yes, search engines are hard, but this is embarrassing.


Basically three options (for terminals specifically):

1. Use asciinema, which records your terminal's stdin & -out. It generates a very small recording, but you can only play it back with the asciinema player, as it's not technically an image or movie format.

2. Script your interactions and record it with a regular screen recorder like OBS.

3. At charm we got fed up with the first two options and we wrote our own software that does the job. To be released in the next few days!


That's the GitHub CLI tool. Similar things work for gitea & GitLab, of course.

Super handy alias for checking out GitHub pull requests:

gh pr list | cut -f1,2 | gum choose | cut -f1 | xargs gh pr checkout



With very few exceptions aprox. 20x20x20cm are the perfect build platform dimensions. I barely need one of my bigger printers.


Actually exactly 20cm / 200mm in height 😄

I was tempted to print it with 300mm however.

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