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TIL: Nylon was originally not a generic name for the fabric but a brand name of the DuPont company.

The Alternative Big O notation:

O(1) = O(yeah)
O(log n) = O(nice)
O(n) = O(k)
O(n²) = O(my)
O(2ⁿ) = O(no)
O(n!) = O(mg!)

Once I was so tired, I fell asleep in the shower. It was the strangest experience and a perplexing sensation waking up with all that water splashing down on me.

Never again will I use Schroedinger's Parcel Delivery Service.

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That parcel I am waiting for? They just sent me an email reading "We may have dropped the parcel at your front-door".

You MAY have? Because then I MAY have to call you to report a stolen parcel. Or I MAY have to wait a couple more hours. I MAY be not sure.

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"Facebook’s acquisition of popular GIF website Giphy is being scrutinised by Britain’s competition watchdog for possibly reducing competition in the United Kingdom."

Yeah, Facebook having access to all the best GIFs, that's the real problem 😂

Desperately waiting for my new SSD to arrive, so I can finally fix my notebook.

I don't even dare to go to the bathroom, because that's the moment I'll miss the driver ringing at the door 🙈

OH: "If the USA saw what is going on in the USA, the USA would invade the USA to free the USA from the USA."

HTTP status emojis:

- 200 👍
- 201 🆕
- 301 👉
- 400 👎
- 401 🔒
- 402 💰
- 403 🚫
- 404 🤷‍♂️
- 408 ⌛️
- 410 💨
- 418 🍵
- 500 💩

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You know you're serious about 3D printing when you plug your printers into a UPS. (I just did)

An OpenSCAD cap-with-thread generator for all your "cap-with-thread-generator" needs:

There is no such thing as equality and we all accepted it. Because we all benefited from it. All but the lowest in this food chain. They were powerless because we constructed a system that forced them to participate or otherwise suffer immense repercussions. Over time, however, the gap widened, and the circle of people profiting from the established social contracts became increasingly exclusive. The internet gave us true freedom of speech and the power to organize ourselves.


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Since I was born, this is probably the fourth "once-in-a-lifetime" financial crisis we're heading for.

But I think our whole system is one big, deepening crisis, and it's collapsing before our very eyes. It is inherently out of balance and is essentially based on the assumption that we all agree that people take advantage of others. Whether it is corporations capitalizing on the working class or wealthy nations that abuse their powers to gain advantages in the global scheme of things.


"They are lucky that what black people are looking for is equality and not revenge”

-- Kimberly Jones

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