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Wait, you can't install Visual Studio Code from the official Microsoft App Store on Windows? 馃槀

Nine hours later and it's still updating 馃槪 How can anyone work with this shit?

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- Home page / Top sites: broken
- Tab syncing: broken
- Location bar: inconsistent
- about:config: disappeared

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Yikes, I really don't like the latest Firefox update for Android. This feels so unpolished and broken 馃う

I've been staring at this screen for 30 minutes now. The percentage hasn't updated once.

I have no idea what's going on. Windows user experience in a nutshell 馃槖

If you regularly backup your data, how much storage space does your backup currently consume?

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馃敟 Hot new #neovim plugin for glow:

Preview markdown directly in your neovim buffer!

"Experience is the name everyone gives to their mistakes."

-- Oscar Wilde

Just received my Akademy t-shirt, and it just looks and feels extra awesome this year.

Love the colors! 馃槏

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Where do you backup your data to?

Let me tell you about the last time I used RAID-5 in 4 disk array:

When one of my disks died a sudden death, I swiftly popped in a new one and kicked off the resync process, which took about 48 hours to complete.

14 minutes(!) after the resync finished a second disk died.

Lesson 1: RAID-5 is pretty useless. When a disk dies you have no more redundancy during the extremely stressful RAID recovery.

Lesson 2: RAID is not an alternative to backups.

Hand on heart, how often do you backup your private computer?

On the one hand I find the term "open-sourcerer" kinda cute, on the other hand it reminds me of one of my first bosses, who used to introduce programmers as "his little code wizards"... and I still cringe when I think of that.

How I feel when wearing new sunglasses for the first time:

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@fribbledom Another perspective of exactly the same thing: For me it's making a list of specific (as opposed to small) actions, broken down by priority or dependencies. As soon as I force myself to answer 鈥淲hat do I concretely need to do in getting 1 step further now?鈥 I will at least get something done at all, instead of just being paralyzed.

Action precedes motivation, procrastination precedes frustration.

My recipe to getting shit done is breaking down tasks into smaller and smaller chunks, until they seem almost too trivial to accomplish. Take baby steps into the right direction instead of going for the big leaps! Persist and you will eventually get there. Believe in yourself!

Let's be honest, the stock market is just one big, legal casino where people go gambling.

If you're saying you're an expert in investing and the stock market, I don't believe you any more than a compulsive gambler guessing the next card in Black Jack.

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