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I asked my girlfriend how often she actually regrets being with me, and her response was a decisive "hmmm", followed by a pause.

That hurt πŸ˜‚

How often does one have to click the "Don't show me this" button on reddit, until they finally start to realize I'm not here to watch some super random livestream πŸ™„

I hate it when a sentence doesn't end the way you think it octopus.

If you've watched the trailer and now have the sudden urge to find your old 80's computer and that dusty 14" CRT monitor in the attic...

You're welcome! Enjoy that nostalgia trip! 😊

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Glow 1.0 is out, and it's a big update to your beloved console markdown reader!

πŸ‘€ Find all markdown in a project
🌈 Integrated high-performance pager
🐿 Stash your docs in Mr. Charm Cloud to read anywhere
πŸ— Stashed stuff is private and encrypted

Get it:

Watch the little trailer, it's... ❀️❀️❀️

πŸŽ‰ Check out BubbleTea, a powerful little framework for fancy terminal UIs, that I have been working on with @meowgorithm and!

Obviously a framework without components would be like a Bubble Tea without Bubbles. Of course you got to have a bunch of Bubbles!

(Totally inspired by The Elm Architecture)

I like people. Some of my best friends are people.

Meanwhile in most other countries of the world, just mentioning the word fracking is considered political suicide. Probably rightfully so.

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Why the hell wouldn't you want to ban fracking?!

Fresh Pi 4... think I'll go with aarch64 this time.

Nvidia just replaced video codecs with a neural network.

This is pretty mind-blowing:

I don't even wanna think about further implications like faked recordings, online impersonation or the impact on Hollywood productions.

If you feel like participating in , but can't find any projects that take part this year, I've just added the "hacktoberfest" topic to all my public GitHub repositories.

Looking forward to your contributions - don't be shy!

My profile:

The repositories:

The first time I saw /usr/bin/[ on my system I figured I must have caught some form of a Linux virus.

25 years later and I'm still not sure if coreutils isn't one.

Oh, hey, that's a first! ❀️

πŸ… Trending repository of the week: - a Disk Usage/Free Utility

Last week: 2442 ⭐
Total: 3329 ⭐️

orange clown 

"Trump Didn’t Disclose First Positive Covid-19 Test While Awaiting a Second Test on Thursday"

"President received positive result on Thursday evening before making an appearance on Fox News in which he didn’t reveal those results."

🍣😍🍣 In Sushi heaven 🍣😍🍣

Looking for a service that monitors all my watched GitHub repositories for new releases - and ideally provides them as an RSS feed.

There must be... something?

πŸ“£ mastotool v0.2.2 - displays statistics about your Mastodon account and lets you search your toots!

Minor bugfixes:

- Automatically prefix 'https' if the protocol is missing from the URL
- Improve table rendering
- Show helper text for empty tables

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