The number of clicks needed to remote follow someone is... sub-optimal.

Two new raven tracks on this new split cassette from Tandem Tapes! Dark and slow-moving: one tracked in Ableton based around a loping beat and meandering piano, the other freer, with processed buzzing amp noise slowly giving way to acoustic piano and cello.
Lovely drone piece from my friend Talbert Anthony on the flipside.

Playing some musics at the moment on FBi Radio - 94.5FM in Sydney, or stream online from anywhere.
Techno/bass/jungle hybrids, droned out classical, ambient jazz trumpet... etc

My least favorite part about new folks logging in is the DM panic.

“Oh no, my DMs are unencrypted and can be read by the instance moderators and admins.”

“... just like every other social platform you’ve ever used, plus most email platforms.”

“Well, yeah, but on those other platforms the admins are a team of underpaid entry level employees at a faceless company, not a single person or small group of individuals that’s I can get to know”


Hey can some kind person please reply to this toot?
Checking notifications on an app ta. :yikes:

The new Djrum album on @randsrecords is a gorgeous mix of his usual drum'n'bass & techno and occasional strings & piano. Expertly done.

in the past 24 hours on mastodon...
- average of 412 new zoots per minute
- 330% increase in rehonks
- 1.28 new instances per jeffload
- one million smiles and growing

How do I search for users? For that matter how do I quickly go to a user? Laborious typing FTW?

Mac clients for Mastodon? Please don't trap me in my browser!

A mastodon instance where toots are called poops


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