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Welcome to my magical domain. I draw a lotta stuff.

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Aandd right after i submit that toot I just found like 4 different mistakes aijglaksjdasd

I can't get too far ahead of myself though because uploading on wordpress is slightly disorienting and I just know I'm going to fuck up the page order if I don't take my time

I have pages queued up two weeks ahead and it feels trippy!! to be queuing up again!!

PPSST.... anyone.... wanna see..... the new... agents site..... it's mostly done.............

Also it's apparently a show and not a movie which I don't know if that makes it easier to digest but I ... I might just dive into it today

There's a new netflix original movie called the Dragon pilot and I'm both intrigued and disturbed because it's about dragons being real! but also they're used to transform into fighter planes and you have to CLIMB INSIDE THEM TO FLY THEM

HEH! Getting revved up for the Agents of the Realm Re-Launch! I've uploaded the newly lettered pages up on Ko-Fi for everyone and anyone who donates!

ahhh... thank you to everyone who's reached out. I ended up passing out pretty much right after. I don't think I realized just how heavy it all ways because it sure was exhausting as hell to release but I feel better and that's all that matters.

Today is a very aggressive hell tier virgo kind of day

Man I really gotta figure out how to better adjust myself to this heat cause it really makes me lethargic as all hell

✨🎉 IT'S LIVE! Agents of the Realm Volumes 2 and Volume 1 Reprint is officially up on Kickstarter! 🎉✨

*breaths into paper bag* the kickstarter is donE IT IS LAUNCHING TOMORROW IT TOOK SO LONG BUT IT IS FINALLY DONE

me: remember work with printer friendly colors PRINTER FRIENDLY COLORS MILDRED
Me: but what i f

My birthday isn't for another 2 months but I still feel like it's imperative to figure out what I want to do


I'm learning to let go of the idea that the schedule i have in my head doesn't ever match up with the schedule that happens in reality. It's July. Nothing I've done has gone according to plan why am I surprised about it now

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