tfw you have that rare moment when you can't find your tablet pen and it was sitting in your holder all along

pew pew pew time to pop out a ton of cast profile pictures cause I 100% forgot that the comic needs that

Incredible. Virgo season is here and instead of becoming an obsessive neurotic mess I'm just kicking my feet up and shrugging cause nothing's gone as planned anyway so why should i add the extra stress to my life lmao


this little gremlin i stg i can't tell if i'm drawing a hero or a villain half the time

This is the like. the fourth? version of the playlist that i've tried to make and of course it just turns out to be an edited down version of all its previous forms *throws hands up*

lmao figures the playlist i've been trying to compile for this comic project for Y E A R S comes together at the 11th hour. absolutely incredible

New comic launching this week i guess now's a good time to start finishing pages huh :welp:

anyway im a virgo and this discrepancy upsets me i must learn how to resolve this

my partner: perfectly and neatly folds everything so that it's easily stacked in a painfully clean pile
Me: *throws everything in the cupboard* ??? Close enough i guess????

I learned fairly recently that my partner is an absolute wizard at folding laundry and literally every time i go to do it now i am UTTERLY BAFFLED at how anyone actually folds laundry cleanly and effectively

:V have to start taking photos soon of stock to add to the online store and I'm realizing this definitely means im taking up photography as a hobby

Avengers Endgame 

Spent maybe a total of 3 hours around coworkers today before heading back to my hotel room and just passing out face first into the pillow i'm so tired and sore 😭

Started kickboxing this past weekend and everything hurts 😭 Starting this right before i had to fly out for a day job thing all week was probably not the best idea

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