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Welcome to my magical domain. I draw a lotta stuff.

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-- Sfeer Theory pre-orders have been extended to FEBRUARY 28.


-- the Little Foolery website has had a make-over! Please check it out, click around.



I've finally finished unpacking my suitcases and it feels very very good!! I still have boxes of stuff (mostly books) that I need to unload BUT not having my suitcases out and about helps make this feel way more official.


these thoughts are brought to you by the realization I also had that all of my top three games came from when I was younger and boy did my ability to enjoy games uninterrupted have a bit of an impact on that.

I guess it's easier to make a game that's purely game mechanics since that DOES force people to experience it before judging which wehghghgh no wonder I don't play games as much anymore lol

I don't think it's directly a result of a pack of creativity so much as the internet has stripped away their ability in a lot of ways at surprising players and that... sucks?

playing through ocarina of Time has really made me realize that most AAA games really don't bother with trying to be clever anymore and man that's kind of a bummer.

lmao this page is so god damn much

...I should... love myself more than this lmfao

I like how I told myself I'd make my pages easier to deal with and then realized that I scripted a page where I have to draw the inside of the seattle airport

... fuck I can't believe I forgot how good avocado is oh my GOD

listening to the KH theme is really making me want to pick up the piano again. I should really look into getting my hands on a decent keyboard.


ADHD/medication ramblings Show more

ADHD/medication ramblings Show more

*heavy breathing* being productive is so good.............

... I finally had avocado toast and I can see why we, millennials, are so in love with it

I'm really accepting that I'm a very boring person and my idea of excitement is being able do things completely uninterrupted lmfao

Boy boy boy boy today has been a weird day and it's really taught me to appreciate it when my days are completely uneventful

you ever find yourself pausing and realizing eating a massive pile of vegetables all day is probably the best thing you can do for yourself?

ya that's me today lmfao

hello @chirart introduced me to Darker than Black and I am very embarrassed to say that I am November 11, he is me i am him