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Welcome to my magical domain. I draw a lotta stuff.

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middle of the week holidays always heck me up because i keep thinking it's saturday and it definitely is not!!

I am so so so close to being done relettering all of volume 1. It has taken...... way... longer than I expected but a lot of it was definitely a massive learning curve in this new way of getting it done.

This year's the first year I'll be spending a holiday 100% on my own and I was bummed for five seconds until I realized that I can make myself a thanksgiving feast and not have to share the leftovers with anyone

I feel like it is becoming increasingly obvious that I have been watching anime again lately

Working on the Halloween piece for Agents a.k.a. dressing everyone up as DnD characters cause i really miss playing it

Okay well this month had a lot of unexpected expenses!! So if you'd like to help, I've got a Ko-fi account -
And my online store is up with Agents of the Realm volumes 1 and 2 pre-orders, my first ever sketchbook, t-shirts and more!! -

.. I also bought glow in the dark decorations so I have to remember to put those uuuppo

I'm so used to living in suburbia so I have genuinely no idea how Halloween works in the city for kids

okay this is my first apartment to myself for Halloween and all I want to do is give out candy to kids but I'm fretting over whether kids actually trick or treat around here at all

I only plan on updating it once a week but it'll be in batch pages as i get them done so it SHOULD be very manageable. And since I'm giving myself a lot of lead time with Agents by re-updating it, getting the pages done for /that/ should be very manageable too.

Okay...... I'm gonna do something real real dumb and try and launch a second webcomic in two months so we'll see how this goes

Aandd right after i submit that toot I just found like 4 different mistakes aijglaksjdasd

I can't get too far ahead of myself though because uploading on wordpress is slightly disorienting and I just know I'm going to fuck up the page order if I don't take my time

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