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Welcome to my magical domain. I draw a lotta stuff.

🌟 Read my Comic -agentsoftherealm.com/
💖 Look at my art - artofmlouis.com
🎊 Buy my stuff - sapphireshardpress.com/
✨ Support my work - patreon.com/aotrcomic

✨🎉 IT'S LIVE! Agents of the Realm Volumes 2 and Volume 1 Reprint is officially up on Kickstarter! goo.gl/GDW8b8 🎉✨

*breaths into paper bag* the kickstarter is donE IT IS LAUNCHING TOMORROW IT TOOK SO LONG BUT IT IS FINALLY DONE

me: remember work with printer friendly colors PRINTER FRIENDLY COLORS MILDRED
Me: but what i f

My birthday isn't for another 2 months but I still feel like it's imperative to figure out what I want to do


I'm learning to let go of the idea that the schedule i have in my head doesn't ever match up with the schedule that happens in reality. It's July. Nothing I've done has gone according to plan why am I surprised about it now

The Hellish Summer Heat: Hahaha bitch you really thought

As terrible as this heatwave has been I'm kinda grateful for it cause it really forced me to just.. chill.

I managed to cover up the ONE SINGULAR WINDOW in my living room that has such a weird placement that I couldn't use a regular curtain rod like I did for all the other windows. really hoping this helps keep my place a bit more cool today 🙏

I managed to get a good amount of stuff done today but whhhheeeeewwww once the heat really hit I could feel myself turning into a lizard and just wanting to lay on a rock to not move for hours

mmmkay it looks like I'm officially going to have to change my work schedule to super early in the morning + very late at night cause wow this heat in the middle of the day is A Lot

first fourth of july in LA and wow today i learned that people don't care about where they shoot of fireworks and car alarms are very sensitive to them too

jokes aside is becoming more and more important that my characters get more positive experiences. I really am losing my taste for writing things that are dripped in misery and hopelessness

When I originally set out to do these mini chapters in Agents I intended for everyone to be miserable and instead everyone starts miserable and ends up happy i'm a terrible writer

...i have also made the mistake of going on the h&m website and wow they're having a pretty huge sale.....................oh no..........my wallet............

It's officially getting hot enough that I'm realizing that all of my summer clothes aren't actually summer clothes but rather Boston-relative summer clothes and it's becoming a Problem

*chin in hands* I've got so much stuff planned for this month eeeheheheh