First plots! Well, first computer-controlled plots!

Shown here: HP 7045A analogue X-Y recorder with signals generated by an STM32F103. X and Y are generated with PWM and an extremely basic 2nd order low pass filter.


@fruchti this X-Y-plotter is seriously pretty! 😍

what I did for my HPGL capable plotter, or rather for the generated files: sort the lines, so that movements are minimized, and the plotter prefers to continue its direction of travel, e.g.


@vogelchr Thanks! For now, I generate the HPGL with Inkscape, which is more than configurable enough for me. That also means I can limit the parser to the HPGL subset Inkscape emits (e.g. no circles).

The Inkscape plugin also claims to do some path optimisation. I haven’t checked that so far. For the test plot above, the problem is mostly duplicate lines and really the SVG’s fault.

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@fruchti I just wanted to pitch the idea, there are many ways! Please *do* keep us updated! There needs to be a #plottertwitter meetup at #rc3!

@vogelchr New ideas are always welcome! I’ll be glad to keep you posted, be it here or at rC3 ;)

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