gm mastodon, I'm just out here enjoying some tea to get the day started teehee

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if spongebob and squidward
all got along
they probly go jellyfishing by the end of this song

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btw i've found that the mastodon app that recently came out makes getting onto the platform much easier, so try that if you can

I'm Loreleine, but you can call me Lei. I'm an avid music composer and tech enthusiast. I don't have a personal site or anything, just this and (maybe will die soon) Twitter.

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PSA for new users!

If you've come here to build a community/following around your creations, there are two things that will hugely help your work get seen:

1) Hashtags. People use them here. The most common for art are #MastoArt #CreativeToots #fediart .

2) Image descriptions. It's increasingly common that people won't boost (retweet) media that doesn't have an image description. It's also just generally nice and good practice in terms of accessibility. :bear_hugs:


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