Lizard brain->monkey brain->human brain is an infinitely better version of the ID, Ego, and Superego

Modding skyrim has two endpoints:

One: make a game so next gen and high definition it won’t run on any machine made in the next 50 years

Two: make a game so optimized you can run it on your toaster, watch, or AC unit

Reverse United Kingdom, Ireland is whole and owns Wales

I think I’d like to raise kids when I’m ready for that because i think I’d be a pretty ok parent, but like I don’t know if I’d want to /have/ kids with someone; anyone else like feel that way?

I came to a realization today, the scene of video games that was around back in the nineties that gave us stuff like Doom, Quake, and Half-Life was so innovative because it was the indie scene of that time; The indie scene today is just as innovative as back then, it’s just that massive publishers are a thing now and they basically rule the mainstream.

Oh by the way anyone know a good sales platform to find indie games? Steam is awful for that

A good 30 percent of the Eurovision songs this year sounded like something I’d imagine a human listening to of their own free will so i think it was a massive success

Catch my descendants in 200-500 years on mars

God I wish I was a nutjob newscaster when Doom came out just so I could say something like “Well I for one believe that killing demons is good training for our children for when the end times come and we have to fight off the eternal flood of hell spawn, I say we give everyone a copy of the game.”

I’m eating an overpriced salad that my school sells and It was only lettuce, I had to put stuff in and the best I could come up with is hard boiled egg, chickpeas, and kidney beans, I have constructed a meal with no discernible flavor

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Mobile tech giants didn't learn from the past and should look at Linux history, /e/ and the progressive web apps.
Point of view on Medium: and other mobile “tech giants”: you should (really) break free from Google/Android.

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Facebook will let academics see which websites its users linked to from January 2017 to February 2019. Notably, that means they won’t be able to look at the platform’s impact on the US presidential election in 2016, or on the Brexit referendum in the UK in the same year. 🇬🇧 🇺🇸

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Human products were laughed at for most of history, after all the Elves could imbue items with the raw magic of the woods, Dwarves were unrivalled masters at metalwork and even the Orcs had mastered durability and practicality. Then a little concept called the assembly line changed everything.

I wonder what a map of the world where every region or country that starts with a “ch” sound was unified, ie the sound at the beginning of chad

Reaching across the aisle is always good but if the other side refuses to accept your concession you have no obligation to reach across the entire aisle to grab their hand

I think that the Democrats need to start making emotional appeals (the younger ones have and it’s good) and the republicans need to act like actual politicians

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rightwing shits, genitals mention 

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rightwing shits, genitals mention 

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