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Lord of the flies is an interesting book, better than most of the required reading we’ve had this year at least

I actually prefer Microsoft 365’s word processing, but I much prefer the home screen and save layout of Google Docs; I’m trapped

Libertie, egalitie, maternetie (leave longer than 6 weeks)

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In theory, there is no difference between theory and practice. But in practice, there is. - Yogi Berra

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New rule: the moment a lawmaker says something like "righteous" or "God's will" they lose their status as a lawmaker for life.

If we don’t set up carbon taxes and stuff that’ll decrease petroleum use we’ll run out in the next 50-70 years with no safety net for the average person who needs it to do their job

Heavily tax carbon emissions and add tax cuts for companies based on the percentage of the energy they produce or money they spend that goes into green energy. Distribute the money to people who are hit heavily by taxes on gasoline, suburban and rural people in poverty, and people who drive for a living

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Like I don’t mean that it would be too hard or that it needs to be easier or any bs like that but I’m just awful at From Software’s games, like it looks like it would be fun because it’s so hard and man that’d feel good to be good at but I am bad at games

Sekiro looks amazing but I know i would be so bad at it

Dogmatism and an inability to revaluate ideas is just counterproductive y’all

This one kid left class and never came back and nobody noticed till 3 minutes before it’s over

Echo chambers suck ass, re-examine your opinions constantly!

Or a camel with two humps should be a cammel

I think that the death penalty is counterproductive, forcing horrible criminals to live the rest of their lives in prison with no hope of ever escaping is a much better punishment, it’s also cheaper

Who’s that weird makeup twink and what did he do again

I recognize that I dislike a lot of mainstream things not because they’re popular but because they’re not made with my tastes in mind. That being said music is amazing nowadays guys you can find amazing stuff in any genre you want like cmon! Also video games! The “best” (for me) video games nowadays are also the cheapest ones to buy!

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