I don't get it when people accept the default suggested name for their machine when installing.

Naming your new machine is such an important part of getting to know your machine and imbuing it with the right kind of mojo for the job.

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@fschaap Yes indeed, my current machine is plUto.

Reminds me of how there was a trend at a company I worked at in the eighties to name their Sun Workstations after celestial bodies. Until a chap called Carl took over as sysadmin and soon we had...

Toilet Duck.

@markhughes Ooh boy... Not professional that Carl guy. At my previous employer machines were named after different comic book characters, where different comic book series denoted different clusters/purposes of the machines.

Haven't had the need to use such an expansive theme myself. My main laptop was shaun (after the sheep) and then when I needed to reinstall it, it became reshaun ;-)

@markhughes @fschaap my dad thought it would be a good idea to name conference rooms after periodic table elements. He didn't think to look up what barium is used for

@CodingItWrong @markhughes You had me look up Barium on Wikipedia but I think I'm missing what you are referring to. 😄

@markhughes @CodingItWrong Some meetings do tend to have that effect, yes. TIL 😄

@fschaap Used to be the most difficult question when setting up a new machine. Nowadays clients all use numbering, only my personal equipment still gets a real name. I clearly remember having hostname discussions like 'lets use the ... theme. No it only has X number of characters and we need to deploy Y number of hosts for this environment'

@systeemkabouter Yep, I agree that in professional environments you should go with some sort of numbering scheme. But I just noticed that quite a few colleagues have accepted Ubuntu's default machine name for their laptop.

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