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GitHub - WICG/floc: FLoC

Coil whine on this motherboard when network traffic is high. I like it when I hear stuff working.

What bugs me is that today I haven't gotten either pfSense or OPNsense to run properly on my old, crappy dual ethernet test PC.

@nolan The basics of each are not hard to understand. If you make all of those part of your definition of done, each subject expert of the team can evaluate whether a change is compliant and if not, propose their own optimizations and/or coach the original dev. One team member does not need to know all, but they need to care and work together.

Looking at my PiHole logs: This is weird, who in this household is using Mastodon besides me???

10 minutes later: Oh, my laptop's WiFi and ethernet adapters have different MAC addresses.


The good thing about good punk songs is that they are so bad they are good and since they are under 2 minutes and 30 seconds the bad is tolerable and the good enjoyable.

Just did a small edit on OpenStreetmap. My first one. Yay!

Status: having early morning coffee on the couch in front of the window; rabbits try to will me outside to feed them by staring at me.

There are remarkably few GIFs of ducks transforming into demonic monsters.

Help me out here Fediverse. This is the only one I could find.

@systeemkabouter zolang niemand weet dat ik Repelsteeltje heet... 😉

@systeemkabouter Wil overigens niet zeggen dat de rest niet ook lek is...

@cypnk That's how my brother in law built a sound proof music rehearsal cabin in his apartment.

In retrospect I should have researched other options instead of nuking all tracker related packages off of this Gnome desktop.

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