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Free Software: Mainstream in Industry, What About Society


Great keynote by my president @kirschner at OW2con19, but the title is a little bit strange:

"Free Software: Mainstream in Industry, What About Society"

Where is Free Software mainstream in industry? What I can see is a software industry using Software to lock society into their proprietary services. That's all. Microsoft is most mainstream in the industry.🤔

Anyway, the talk is great! 👍 😀

That's the key, man: it's Open Source, and not Free Software, who's winning the battle of industry, without any ethical implications. And, in this society of services, software's code availability is not enough.

@fsfe @kirschner

@datenteiler @fsfe Thanks for the feedback. Unfortunately my talk was cut by 10 minutes, so I could not explain the aspect about industry. Maybe a next time.

Main point I wanted to make: companies/industry as users of software themselves benefit in many areas from . But many individual users in our society don't.

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